What to do if you Have Been a Victim in Hit and Run Case?

Getting your car hit while parked in parking lots or driving is very saddening. It would be more saddening if someone hits your car and literally run away without leaving their personal details. People who are on motorcycles and those who walk are at greater risk due to increased accidents.

Collecting compensation from drivers who are at-fault in the hit and run accidents is possible, however, identifying if the other driver is difficult. So, in case you have sustained a property or injury damage in a hit and run case, speaking with a committed and skilled car accident attorney becomes necessary.

There are different kinds of hit and run cases. Read more about them by reading the following list.

  • A motorist hits a parked car slightly but leaves without notifying the car’s owner about the collision.
  • A driver leaves without stopping and exchanging contact information with another party after collision with another vehicle
  • A driver strikes a cyclist or pedestrian and fails to halt and inform emergency responders of the crash.
  • The driver may run away to avoid detection and other additional penalties for – vehicle theft, driving under alcohol or drug’s influence, and driving without insurance.

In case the hit and run driver does not stop at the accident scene, locate and notify the owner of a stationary vehicle or leave a note regarding their own contact details in case they are unable to locate the owner, they may have to face severe penalties. They may face prison for up to two years, pay a $5000-$20000 fine, revocation of their driver’s license, and face felony charges.

What to do If You Have Been a Victim in Hit and Run Case?

Record important information.

If the driver involved fled the scene after the accident, collect as much information as possible to report to the police. This information may prove to be useful for the police to spot the driver and ensure that you do not get stuck paying for the damages. The essentials are –

  •         The make and model of the other car

  •         The other car’s license plate number

  •         Color of the car

  •         Approximated year of the other car

  •         Location and time of the accident

  •         Contact details of potential witnesses

  •         Direction where the driver headed

  •         Pictures of damage caused to your car as well as of the accident scene.

Obtaining the contact details of any eyewitness can be crucial for establishing hit and run driver’s identity. Moreover, if any person involved in the accident need medical attention, hit and run victims should immediately contact emergency responders.

Report to Police

The next step is to call the police personals as soon as possible after the accident and file a report. You should give the police the following information

  •         Names of potential witnesses

  •         Exact location of the accident

  •         Direction where the driver was heading

Contact Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company starts the claim procedure. Depending upon how much insurance coverage you have, they may help with towing and arranging a rental car.

If you can spot the driver of the car that hit you or your car, and they are insured, you are likely to receive their car insurance information via your insurance company and then file a claim with the insurance company of the other driver.

Moreover, in some accident cases, it is impossible to identify the driver involved in the hit and run case. In such a situation, the party that is injured will need to try and collect compensation for their own insurer via an uninsured policy.

That is why you may want to talk to your insurer about the coverage offered by your insurance policy to ensure that in case of a hit and run accident, you will be covered.