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What Not-To-Do When You Run Out Of Vape Juice?

Vaping is extremely addictive. The ease of use and fun cannot be replicated with any other smoking device. And the chief ingredient to that fun is vape juice. The perfect flavor and nicotine balance keeps you going.

But what if you run out of vape juice in the middle of nowhere? Surely, you will find a number of posts that say what to do when you need vape juice in an emergency. But this time, we will be telling what never to use when you are out of the vape juice.

  1. Never put water inside the cartridge: This is one of the most searched after questions on the internet! Just because the vape juice looks like water, it does not mean you can directly vape water. Firstly, the cartridge is made to handle the combination of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol and not water. Secondly, water, when heated up, gets converted into steam which is a potential hazard to your mouth. When you directly inhale steam, you are at risk of burning your tongue and buccal cavity.
  2. THC extract/oil: This is particularly available with the street vendors. And people fall in the trap of cheap and new variety of vape juice. Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) is the carcinogenic product of marijuana plants. When it is vaped, it gets converted into tar faster than conventional smoking. Also, vaping gives a higher hit. You are at risk of going into a coma!

Also, the vape coil is not designed to handle any liquid other than the PG-VG combination. The temperature variation can cause it to go defunct. You are at an equal risk of burning your mouth.

  1. Adding alcohol: The desperation to quickly get a substitute for vape juice makes people add alcohol to the cartridge. The vape juice vaporizes between 350-390 degrees Fahrenheit while alcohol evaporates at 173 degrees Fahrenheit. This difference can be lethal to the vapers. You are bound to get serious burns inside your mouth. Another aspect is getting high from alcohol. You will need a considerable amount of vaping to “get drunk”. This can be physically exhausting.

Just because vodka is added in the DIY recipes, you cannot directly vape the alcohol. In the vape juices, alcohol is added in drops and not the liquid as a whole.

  1. Coconut oil: Well, this sounds ridiculous but people actually try to vape coconut oil! Other than the temperature difference aspect, the atomizer coil of the vapes releases rather unpleasant vapor on heating coconut oil it is unhealthy as well. The coconut oil vapor gets converted into tiny droplets which can actually settle in your nasal pathway and cause health complications. You can get lipid pneumonia from inhaling coconut oil.
  2. Corn syrup: Don’t know where this misconception arose from but corn syrup is definitely not the thing to be inhaled. The atomizer coil will get stuck with the gooey sugary syrup! So unless you want to destroy your e-cigarette, do not vape corn syrup.

Blazed vapes are meant to use with vaping juice. While DIY vape juices are perfectly fine, you need to start away from certain substances. Various companies have mastered their technology to allow DIY juices in their cartridges. Most importantly, you should not experiment with banned narcotics as they can turn lethal. Enjoy vaping with safe vape juices.

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