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What Kind of Heel to Use for Dance Shoes?

You already know that dancing is a particular world. We fall in love, it envelops us, it catches us. Passionate we recognize a before and after the dance. Change the routine of the week, the parties on weekends, new friends, even a new wardrobe. Yes, we said closet! Hasn’t it happened to you that there is in your closets a section of clothes and shoes for partying and social dancing and that it is next to the other section of clothes and shoes for going to dance classes? Maybe the clothes don’t vary much, but the dance shoes do make a big difference.

Just as running and hiking, for example, are sports that demand a certain type of footwear to reach the goals better and further, dance invites dancers to use a special type of footwear like tango shoes for women to care for ankles and feet both in classes and rehearsals, such as on social dance floors and platforms.

Are you one of those who is looking for your type of dance shoes?

If up to here you have felt identified, we invite you to continue reading this post, because at u! Dance we have studied for all of you an investigation through the infinity of articles already written, about what type of shoe is ideal for practicing Latin dances.

I want to buy my first dance shoes! Where do I begin?

As we always say to our students, it all starts with knowing yourself. You must know your feet, what type of footwear usually makes you feel comfortable? Do you have long or rather wide feet? What are your fingers like? Are they thin, wide, even from the big toe, with the largest index finger, with the smallest little finger? And in the case of girls, something very important: How are your ankles, soles and calves? Accustomed to wearing heels frequently?

Honestly answering these questions will guide you in your search. Why? Because the fundamental thing of a dance shoe is that it fits you closely, that it is a kind of glove for your feet and that it provides you with security and comfort, since you will spend many hours dancing on them, between classes, rehearsals and social dances.

Main characteristics to consider before choosing your shoes

  1. Height >> Especially in the case of girls who are just starting out, unless you are really used to wearing heels, the first recommendation after knowing what type of foot you have, is to start with a low heel and medium thickness, maybe a heel of 5cm or less, depending on the needs.

The first goal is to control heel height and body stability, during the process of learning to turn, develop foot dexterity, as well as strengthen ankles and calves.

A secret for the girls: When dancing it is essential to try to stay in relief or in mid-toe, supporting the heel as little as possible and lowering when necessary.

For more veteran girls, or perhaps already used to being in heels, a 6cm heel is good. Importantly, for Latin dances, the standard ranges from 5 to 8 cm. Always adapted to the comfort of each foot.

  1. Material >> The next recommendation is the material of the shoes. Advice from professionals, for both boys and girls: that the shoe be made of leather, not synthetic. Why? The leather is usually more resistant, they hold up better the use. With minimal care, the shoes will last you years. Another recommended material, although less durable is suede. Keep in mind that this type of footwear will always yield, that is why it is so important that it is just tailored to the foot.
  2. Design >> As for the design, let’s say it is the simplest since it will be completely to the consumer’s liking. However, it is important to keep in mind, for both boys and girls, that it is essential that the insteps, ankles and heels are comfortable and very safe. In the case of boys, you will do well with a closed shoe, tailored to the foot, if you like, with a wide heel, approximately 3cm high.

For girls, there are plenty of models. Notice that the strappy sandals go very well to the foot, tight, but without digging. Keep in mind, girls, that after 4 hours of dancing in a row, the foot could swell a little while getting used to the dance task, so it is important to use them repeatedly until they are completely molded.

There are countless models, brands, and prices. It is a subject on which much has been written because dance shoes are the best companions of the dancer and the dancer.

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