What it takes to produce safer CBD cannabidiol: commentary by IHP

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CBD Cannabidiol is no doubt the fastest growing trend in alternative medicine which has now gone mainstream. But as Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP), a producer and wholesaler of CBD isolate  points out: problems will inevitably arise when CBD is compromised and it is time to educate the public on crucial matters.  The risk of problems is greater right now as the industry faces a supply squeeze and shortage of high-quality CBD isolate.

Warnings are now issued by many prominent doctors that patients have to be careful when they make use of CBD. People will always shop around for the lowest prices when it comes to a wide variety of products. However, to do this when shopping for CBD could be disastrous just as it often is for other pharmaceutical products. It is, therefore, it is best to avoid low-cost CBD and to rather make use of source certified US products.

Since the signing of the new bill by Donald Trump, there has been an increasing number of doctors who have started to recommend CBD to patients. Doctors were further encouraged by research papers which have been released by reputable medical organizations wherein it was clearly indicated that CBD was considered to be useful for the relief of many health-related issues. There are many people who suffer from depression, epilepsy, acne, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain and many other things. All of these symptoms have responded positively to CBD.

How CBD isolate is produced

According to a prominent wholesaler and manufacturer, Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP), CBD isolate is produced by taking the oil which has been removed from the raw hemp plant and then to further purify and process those oils until isolate is obtained mostly in crystalline form. Off course there are many options for producers to render the final product, but as per the example of Terravidaonline, the 5000MG CBD tincture is one of the strongest products available on the market (see the product sample here)

Production of high-quality CBD totally depends on the quality of the ingredients:

A long list of miracle treatments has been introduced over the years. And many of them had an enthusiastic following and it seems it is now the time for CBD. There are many people who have been believing in the natural healing properties of CBD for centuries. Now that these products have been legalized there is an increasing number of doctors which is now recommending these products to their patients. This has turned a primarily alternative medicine into a fully mainstream product. Now we are faced with a basic human characteristic. People always want to purchase everything at the lowest possible price. However high-quality CBD products are only made from highly pure Ingredients and to process those things is not cheap.

Fortunately, there are those who have the good sense to ask some logical questions. One of those questions relates to the possible risks of buying CBD products which is considerably cheaper than similar CBD products. Another important issue is the country of origin and also the specific manufacturing process which was used. People are also curious about GMO certification and what exactly is meant by that specification.

Users should be very careful when it comes to CBD products

Today there are many highly reputable healthcare institutions who carried out research of their own. Those researchers associated with these institutions have a lot of information which they can share with consumers. They have many years of expertise in the area of safe pharmaceutical products and how to use them effectively. They have been advising patients for many years and they are always admonishing them never to purchase healthcare products and this also includes CBD hemp products from the Internet or over-the-counter.

So many patients today fail to understand is that they are ultimately responsible for their bodies and their physical health. Therefore, purchasing products of which the origin is disputable and which may be full of harmful chemicals and a variety of toxins is extremely irresponsible. Such products can be extremely harmful and it might actually aggravate existing medical conditions.

Whenever it comes to your personal physical health people must act wisely and they must be very cautious and the more knowledge they have about the product the less risky will it be for them. This will apply to all products and as far as CBD is concerned this will apply to skincare products, capsules, oils, pet products, and edible CBD products.

Quality assurance of CBD in the industry:

Consumers, producers of CBD end-products and wholesalers should take all necessary steps to determine where their CBD products are coming from. They should ensure that they verify the certificate of analysis. There are today a very large number of medical experts who have the necessary knowledge to provide consumers with valuable advice. These people can often answer all of those questions which the consumer might have.

According to those experts, it is important that CBD is professionally analyzed and evaluated before they are certified as pure. In order to qualify those products should contain no chemicals, pesticides or harmful toxins. CBD product should be issued with a verification certificate which can prove that it has passed all of the necessary quality tests necessary for those products.

There are today more than 100 cannabinoids. Many of these will impact the body and the brain in different ways. It has been discovered that many of the available natural products which have been processed can differ considerably depending on the process which has been used during the purification period. This is exactly what happens with CBD products. This is why it is extremely important for the consumer to do their homework before making a decision on which CBD products to purchase.

There are many possible CBD tests

In most cases, CBD oil is sent to third-party laboratories for testing purposes. The implication, therefore, is that those laboratories have no relationship whatsoever with the producer. After the testing process has been completed that lab will then proceed to the issue a CoA certificate. It is generally understood that the CoAs from different labs will look different. Nevertheless, each of them should pay attention to the following criteria.

Residual solvents testing

Terpene profiling

Microbiological testing

Potency testing

Pesticide testing

It is always the responsibility of the user to consult with a reputable practitioner and then to ask objective questions relating to the source of CBD products. This is important in order to ensure that the product will be free from toxins and pesticides.

There are still many people who do not understand the difference between full-spectrum CBD and isolates.

The issue around CBD products is further complicated because of the absence of FDA regulation. This is why it is important for doctors to inform their patients that it is always better to use high-quality pharmaceutical products which has been manufactured according to the highest industry standards and which has preferably been authorized by their Doctor.

Most US doctors who are on board with CBD tend to make use of high-quality products for all of their patient’s healthcare needs. This is because many physicians firmly believe that those products are safe and are consistently high-quality. As far as CBD products are concerned it can be beneficial for people of all age groups. Nevertheless, for optimal benefits, the quality of those products is extremely important because no one should needlessly suffer because of a potentially impure product.

This is why it is so important to educate consumers because knowledge provides them with the power and the means to protect themselves. Many physicians are only satisfied once they see for themselves the care which is taken by patients who has been provided with sufficient education as far as their personal health is concerned.


Adoption rates are sky high with many physicians themselves who make use of a variety of CBD products and many of them have claimed remarkable results. This may cause a supply shortage as big brands try to stock up on CBD isolate to meet their demand. The biggest risk would be to turn to cheap Chinese CBD isolate that were produced in contaminated conditions – or even locally produced isolate where pesticides were used.

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