What Is the Difference Between Hair Cutting Scissors and Shears?

Image by Rainer Klug from Pixabay

For many people, hair-cutting shears and scissors are the same things. It may cause numerous misunderstandings among professional hairstylists and their clients and lead to wrong orders. If you want to cut your hair in the beauty salon, there is a high chance that the hairstylist will use shears. This is why it is important to look for hair- cutting shears if you need a haircut.


Scissors are shearing tools with metal sharpened blades and comfortable handles. There are numerous types of scissors, based on their purpose. You may find agricultural, gardening, metalwork, food, medical, and even ceremonial scissors. They have different sharpness, quality of metal, size, durability, and even the angle of blades.

Hair-Cutting Shears

This is the tool for haircutting, specifically designed for it. Shears are scissors, but sharper and made for thin and thick hair. Normally, they vary in size, from 5 to 7 inches. To one of the finger rings, the small appendage is attached for better control of the tool during the cutting.

Types of Shears

There are three types of shears that can be used in haircutting:

  • French style with a finger rest for a small finger. It is a helpful addition to the instrument for hairstylists. Such shears are more comfortable to hold during the whole day of work;
  • German type is without finger rest. It is a classic type of shear and is still widely spread around the world. The rings can also be comfortable with versatile rubber or metal coating;
  • Texturizing type. These shears have teeth on the edge of both blades. It looks like a mix of comb and scissors. They are widely used in every hair salon. Stylists reduce the thickness of the hair with their help. Some texturizing shears have only one blade with teeth and others are smooth. These shears may offer a different range of teeth, for a versatile quantity of thinned hair.

Main Features of Shears

There are multiple offers on the market. And if you want to have the best shears that will serve you for a long time, you may need brief guidance on what to look for. This instrument is widely used by professionals, but you may try it for your personal use. Pay attention to several factors:

  • Size. Actually, this is a completely personal choice. You have to measure your own hand and find out which one you need. It must be comfortable for your hand since you will spend some time while cutting the hair with them. You may notice that even if you borrow shears from someone else whose hands are bigger or smaller than yours, you may feel discomfort despite the great quality of shears.
  • Handle. There are multiple types of handles, including the three most popular: even, offset, and crane. Choose one of them, based on your habit of holding the hand while you are working.
  • Materials. Pay attention to the durability of the material that shears are made of. If you want to use them for a long time, they must be made of high-quality metal.
  • Teeth or no teeth. It is up to you. If you need to blend the layered hair or thin it, you can use texturizing instruments. It is important to have all types of shears in your hair salon or for personal use.

What to Look for in Shears?

To pick the best hair-cutting shears, you have to check out for reviews of the product first. Pay attention to the company developer and the durability they offer you. You may want to hold the shears in your hand to understand how suitable they are. If these shears are too heavy, uncomfortable to use, or not sharp enough, exchange them for the most appropriate tool. It is recommended to have several types of shears in your salon.