What is Medicinal Cannabis?

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It is not surprising to say that cannabis has medicinal uses, medical marijuana is the most popular term for medicinal cannabis. It can be used to treat or relieve pain, nausea and other symptoms. Any type of cannabis, containing an effective amount of cannabinoids can be considered for medicinal purposes.

Nonetheless, choosing the right medicinal cannabis is the easiest decision, but choosing which variety is more of a complicated task. In our society not everyone knows that marijuana has a medical purpose.

Cannabis can be used in different medical needs as well, and not many people are enlightened about it. Therefore, it is important to know how you can choose the best cannabis strain for medical usage. If you’re also interested to know about medicinal cannabis then keep on reading our blog post. Here we have talked about everything about medicinal cannabis and also explain its purpose.

What is the purpose of medicinal cannabis?

Since 2003, a medical programs has started in Netherlands where the cannabis is prescribed for various health issues including-

  • Muscular cramps,
  • Spinal cord injury,
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness cause by AIDS
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • Chronic pain, especially if it is related to nervous system
  • This medicinal cannabis is also effective on the negative effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer.

Keep in mind it does not cure any of these illnesses.

After watching Netherlands medical programs reading medicinal cannabis, many european countries have started medicinal cannabis programs at present. You can get the products that contain cannabis only with proper prescription. In various cases the medical experts prescribe or suggest medicinal cannabis. Those medical condition includes:

  • Cancer
  • Psoriasis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple sclerosis

Keep in mind it does not cure any of these illnesses.

How can you choose the best cannabis strain for Medicinal use?

Medical cannabis can be really beneficial for various medical complications, but the problem comes when you have to choose the best strain for the usasgae. You must have a basic understanding to know the differences between the cannabis strain. The two most popular strains of cannabis are indica and sativa, and these two strains are commonly used for medicinal purposes.

If you are new to this world then don’t worry we have provided a quick simple guide that will help to understand the best cannabis strain. Here we have listed some most common medicinal uses for indica and sativa cannabis strains:

Indica, can be commonly used as a medicinally for having a sedative feeling, or for reducing muscle relaxation. Since it has the capability to create sensation in the body, it can be effective to reduce tension from your muscle. Indica has shown a great impact on arthritis, rheumatic stiffness, insomnia and to reduce swelling.

Do you know indica has a quality for testing mental health? Yes, you have heard right, indica cannabis strain is effective on anxiety, stress, and other mental health related conditions. Therefore, we have jotted down the top five indica cannabis strains that could be beneficial for your health.

  • Shiva Skunk- contains 85% of indica
  • Big Bud- contains 85% of indica
  • Master Kush- contains 90 – 100% of indica
  • Super Skunk- contains 80% of indica
  • Sensi Skunk- contains 80% of indica

Now let us understand how sativa can be beneficial for medicinal usage? This cannabis strain can be effective for various health issues, it can make you energetic from both body and mind. Sativa strain is effective for treating nausea, because it can do appetite stimulation, therefore, it is effective for weight gain. Also, it can be effective for migraine headaches, and can also treat depression.

The bottom line

You must consult with your doctor before taking any medication that contains cannabis. There is no wonder in saying that cannabis can be used for medical purposes. Both indica and sativa strains have their own benefits.

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