What is Federal Disability Retirement

Federal Disability Retirement is a legally acknowledged relief from Federal or Civil service as a result of a health condition that renders an employee unfit or incompetent for the work they have effectively executed before.

It is a special benefits package accorded to the employees of Federal and Postal categories. The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) acknowledges this offer based on medical grounds of an employee.

The beneficiaries are workers who have developed a medical condition or a disability that inhibits their productivity in the workplace. If an employee proves needy, he or she applies for disability retirement, and it is approved by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

You should not confuse OPM Disability Retirement with Social Security Disability. The distinction is that you qualify for the latter in the case of an absolute disability. The former requires proof of unproductivity as a result of health limitations.

You should apply for disability retirement through a Federal Disability Lawyer within 1 year of complication. The process of an application takes approximately 6 to 8 months.

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Qualifications for Disability Retirement

• You must produce medical proof and exhibit an inability to perform in the workplace and the resultant inadequacy leading to incompatibility with your current position.

• You should have served in the Federal service for at least 18 months, or be recognized by CSRS for 5 years.

• It should be clear that the medical condition that has incapacitated you will proceed for minimally one year from the date you apply for disability retirement.

• The employer should be left with no choice but to relieve the victim of disability considering the notable negative impact of the medical condition, with no remedy as far as the victim is concerned.

OPM Disability Retirement is a crucial humanitarian provision to cater for the unprecedented eventuality. This is a sure way to alleviate the suffering of an employee who has been serving the state at their season of need.

A FERS Disability Lawyer is a valuable fellow to work closely with if you need assistance. This specialist mediates between the agency and the government to grant you the right to enjoy the free time of recovery.

Be enlightened and subscribe to disability retirement if your health is at risk and you anticipate prolonged suffering. This information might be of help in the future.