How to gain more likes on Instagram

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Instagram offers companies a significant boost in marketing and advertising. Whether you are a multi-million corporation or a startup business you can increase brand awareness quickly and easily on this platform. All you need is to do is gain more likes, get more views and attract more followers.

Unfortunately, reaching the point where your posts make sales for you is harder to get to than it initially seems to be. Many companies invest significant resources in expensive marketing campaigns, only to see their photos gain little over a dozen impressions. If that is your case, read on to find out how to gain more likes on Instagram and help your business thrive!

Share High-Quality Posts

Every like that you get for a post on Instagram is a credential that validates your presence on the platform. Users may hit the heart-shaped “like” button on your post for a variety of reasons. They could be a fan of your products, they may admire what you stand for, and most importantly they put a value on the quality of your post.

You may be selling the best croissants in town, but if you post blurry, unedited pictures of them, not even your biggest fans will give you likes. People appreciate when you put in the effort to make a photograph or a video look good. They want to associate their activity with high-quality, so you need to ensure that each and every single one of your posts is up to that standard.

Use the Hashtags that Matter

Instagram hashtags are your best friends on the network. They put your brand out there even when you are not online, and they reach users that have never even heard about your business. They work wonders if you know how to use them.

Your best choice is to research hashtags that are relevant to your business, and which are trending at the moment of your posting. Also, use geographical hashtags to let people know where your headquarters are, and link your posts to all-time popular tags like #tbt, #photooftheday, #instagood, etc.

Tag Your Followers Back

Every time one of your followers tags your business in their post, make sure to return the favor. You can simply do a print screen of their post and add it to your Instagram story with a “Thank you!” sticker. It might not seem much, but for that specific user it will mean the world, and you will show other potential customers that you value their business.

This tactic is useful to get attention especially when you have a small to a medium audience. If you choose to buy Instagram likes and start working with professional services like SocialBoss, your following will surely increase.

At this point, you might have too many followers tagging you and too little time to tag them back accordingly. Still, it remains a nice gesture through which you can prove to users that you are more than just a company advertising on Instagram.

Create Partnerships with Other Brands

A great way of gaining more likes on Instagram is to partner up with other brands. As long as if they are in any way relevant to your business, you should be able to attract a significant number of their followers.

For example, if you sell sporting attire for runners, linking your posts with those of a company that produces deodorants is a good idea. The same goes for coffee growers and packaging producers. There are almost limitless options. You simply need to contact these potential partners and propose a marketing plan that involves dual posts.

Show Behind-the-Scenes Content

Everyone wants to see what goes on in the backstage of a production. If you post elaborate, high-quality photos of your products, you should also show the manufacturing process that takes place away from the public eye. This kind of behind-the-scenes photos and videos makes users feel like they are part of your business and strengthens the emotional bond that you share with them.

You can use this kind of initiative to preview a future release, to show your company’s quarters or to introduce members of your staff. As long as the content is engaging, you should attract a significant number of likes from your followers.

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  • June 24, 2019 at 9:05 AM

    These are super helpful tips! Relevant hashtags are the key to grow an Instagram following. I’ll be really focusing on your tips this month. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking for more.

  • May 10, 2019 at 2:52 AM

    Hey, This is a good piece of information. I totally agree that if you want to promote your product, service or your brand then Instagram is a perfect marketplace. You just need to utilize it in the proper way.

    If you want to gain likes then no other thing can be better than content. Content is the only thing that can increase likes and followers but the content must be engaging, creative, fresh and informative. Add flashy images and video to make your content catchy. Also, Post according to the need of your targeted audience.

    Hashtags increase the visibility of the content. The more hashtags you’ll include in a post, the more visible your content would be and you’ll gain like and followers. Some people recommend to include 30 hashtags but it makes your post ugly. I’ll suggest to include at least 10-15 hashtags in a single post. For those who can’t generate more than 3 hashtags, I’ll suggest using Hashtagify to generate relevant and creative hashtags.

    Sharing behind the scenes increases the engagement rate. Engagement not only helps in increasing the followers but also helps in retaining them.

    These tips take some time to deliver results. Here’s what I think about buying followers or likes. Yes, it’s the fastest way to increase Instagram followers, and it’s suitable for those who want to get quick results with little or no effort.

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    To top it all, they also give you a money back guarantee. I would highly recommend buying Instagram followers from them.

    In addition, share for share, promotion on the social media platform, learn from the competitors, offer a giveaway contest, paid campaigns like Google Adwords, outreach to different bloggers and convince them to include your content in their relevant post are some useful strategies to increase follower and likes.

    I must say this post has increased my body of knowledge, I have certainly learned a thing or two. Thanks

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