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What is cloud computing?

Many  have been wondering what “the cloud” is and what the big fuss is. Simply put, “the cloud” is essentially a virtual hard drive—storing your information remotely, making in accessible from any computer with internet access. This has saved me in many times, and it is a great way to sync between multiple computers or mobile devices.

Cloud programs also come in handy when sending big files to other people. Of all the cloud services out there, Dropbox is the best choice for most users. There are several alternatives offering similar services, but my recommendation would definitely be Dropbox. The greatest part about Dropbox is they offer 2GB of space for free. To receive more space you can refer people to sign up for Dropbox. Through the referral service I have accumulated 9GB of free space so far. Users can also opt to pay for space if needed

Dropbox link: www.dropbox.com

Alternatives to Dropbox

    • Amazon Cloud


  • If you have a smart phone and want to access music from your computer the better service would be Audiogalaxy, a free app.
  • Sugar Syncwww.sugarsync.com/
  • Google Documents comes along with any google account and is great when many people are editing a document at one time
  • Windows Cloud: www.microsoft.com/windows/cloud/

It is predicted that iTunes will come out with a cloud service this summer. This service will most likely provide a way to access your music on the go using your mobile devices. This service will make sure that you are never without your music.

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