What Is Bitcoin Poker?

Image by MichaelWuensch from Pixabay

Bitcoin Poker is the best way to play online poker these days. When it comes to Bitcoin Poker, you will have to deposit cryptocurrency instead of fiat money to play the game. It might not be a popular or widespread way to gamble on poker. However, with time, more and more players are moving over to Bitcoin poker sites

Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream news. So, more regular people are opening up their eyes to the world of cryptocurrency. There are many Bitcoin poker rooms where you will be able to play poker by depositing crypto. As new sites are popping up every month and more players are indulging in poker, it appears like Bitcoin might be able to create a sustainable poker ecology that will last for a long period of time. Furthermore, the stability of the value of Bitcoin has also helped many players get to Bitcoin rooms. 

Bitcoin Poker vs Regular Poker

There is not much difference between playing Bitcoin poker and regular poker. The first primary difference that a veteran poker player will notice is that several poker platforms that are being used in the poker industry aren’t as technologically advanced as you are used to in terms of a regular poker site. It is primarily because a majority of the Bitcoin poker sites aren’t large corporation but are Bitcoin enthusiasts who have launched it but didn’t have money the option to develop a modernized platform which works with Bitcoin, 

However, this shouldn’t be a problem. Many players have the options that players require while playing. It is mainly about slower gameplay or graphical lag. 

Another difference is that you will have to pay with Bitcoin instead of cash. It ensures that the transactions that you are making at the site are private and anonymous. 

Why Play Bitcoin Poker?

You might already be wondering, what is all the fuss about Bitcoin. Well, with Bitcoin, you get the freedom to move your money wherever you want. Whether you are transferring $1 or $1000 worth of Bitcoin, it is sent in the same manner, every time. So, it’s just like email for money. 

If you have used a credit card or made a bank transfer, you will be aware of the hassle. To transact, you will have to use your personal details and wait for the message ‘Payment Successful’. Thereafter, you have to wait for the money to arrive at the casino site, hoping that nothing has gone wrong. 

However, Bitcoin is much different. If you are playing Bitcoin Poker, you just have to paste the address and click on send. Thereafter, wait for 10 minutes for the money to be deposited into your casino account. So, you don’t have to worry about a financial institution or bank checking if your transaction abides by the rule. You can send your money whenever you want. 

Is Bitcoin Legal and Safe?

If playing poker is legal in your country, then playing poker Bitcoin Poker is also legal. It is because Bitcoin is taken as another monetary payment system. In case the poker site accepts it then it is legal. Being a legal operating Bitcoin poker room is quite challenging. So, if your country accepts playing poker, you can play Bitcoin poker. 

However, when you play on a poker site, you need to consider if Bitcoin Poker is fair. Online casinos are not like conventional brick-and-mortar casinos where you will be able to determine if the house is cheating on you or your winnings. Gambling sites can employ dirty tricks for changing the odds in their favor. 

The online poker sites that accept Bitcoin; have to provide a system for you to find out if the poker games you are playing are fair or not. When it comes to online gambling, fair means outcome and odds of a bet can be proven through blockchain transactions to have been manipulated. Thanks to blockchain technology, this tactic of gambling have become possible. It is now extremely difficult to manipulate. As online casinos cannot manipulate Blockchain, they cannot manipulate the odds or outcome of online games. The poker games you play with the digital cards get recorded on a public ledger. So, you will be able to see payouts and transactions. 

How to Start Playing Bitcoin Poker?

If you want to get going with Bitcoin Poker, here is what you have to do. 

Download a Bitcoin Wallet

A Bitcoin wallet is a secure and lightweight program that provides you with a unique address that you can use for sending and receiving Bitcoin. When you are done setting up the wallet, it is going to provide you with a seed. This is a randomly generated password that is used as a source for the addresses in your wallet. Write it down on paper and then keep it somewhere. The wallet will only generate an address that you can use to send and receive Bitcoin. 

Buy Some Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin from a decentralized exchange. There are many out there but you need to choose only the one that is best. 

Sending Bitcoins

After buying Bitcoin, you will find it in your online wallet. Now, you have to grab the address from the wallet and withdraw the Bitcoins. Once you have Bitcoin in your wallet, you can use it to play with the cryptocurrency. 

Deposit it in Online Casino Wallet

Choose the online casino where you want to play, go to the cashier page and choose Bitcoin as your preferred payment method. Paste the cryptocurrency address along with the amount you want to deposit. Confirm the transactions and start playing poker

As Bitcoin gains more acceptance around the globe, the number of Bitcoin poker sites will keep growing.