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What is Better to Choose Moving by Cubic feet or by Pounds?

Relocation is very tensing, especially if you are new to it. Moving companies try every trick in the book to make the most cash out of their customers as possible. This includes extra charges in packaging material, hidden charges, etc. One of the key problems that a new homeowner or renter might face is the choice of moving cost by cubic feet or weight. A mover wants to save every penny he can and this difference in costing often confuses him a lot. His nominal knowledge of these costs encourages agencies to exploit him. Although both do not differ in price as much and are completely legal, yet there are a few key points that every mover should be aware of.

Cost by Weight:

As the name suggests, this cost is calculated by the weight of a mover’s inventory and items. Before the items are loaded in the truck, the truck is weighed and then after loading, it is reweighed. The difference between the two weights is the size of your inventory.

This is the most common and legit method of calculating the price of your inventory and there is very little chance of taking advantage of the customers in this costing method. Most moving companies calculate the cost of moving by this method and a lot of movers also prefer it.

Cost By Cubic Feet:

This costing is done by calculating the area that a mover’s inventory occupies in the loading truck. The items are first stacked in the loading trucks and then their price per cubic feet of occupation is calculated. There is a slight chance that an movers might take advantage of its customers in this method by purposely stacking the items in an undesired and spacious way.

To avoid getting charged extra, it is recommended that the items be stacked and place very tightly to minimize the cost charged.

Ways to Calculate Effective Cost:

Following are a few ways that a mover can use to get an effective estimated cost and avoid extra charges:

1. Get Quotes:

Before hiring a moving company. It is better to get some moving quotes from them and proportionate your inventory according to their quotes. These quotes can be either binding or non-binding. The binding quotes will not change but the mover must make sure that while discussing the quotes the representatives of the agency leave no breaches.

Non-binding quotes are an estimated amount. These can vary and change on the day of actual relocation. In this regard, MovingB.com offers free moving quotes and contains all most all moving companies in the nation in their database. The user can select his desired company and can ask for free moving quotes.

2. Use the Online Calculator:

Moving companies take advantage of their customers on account of ignorance in the calculation. The customers mostly have no reliable source of calculating the estimated cost that may occur during relocation. This gives the agencies an edge and they try to exploit their customers in this regard as much as they can.

It is highly recommended for a new homeowner or a renter to use an online calculator to calculate the best-estimated costs for moving. These costs are no doubt, an estimate, but they can give a very close rough idea of how much they will have to pay on the actual day of moving. MovingB.com has an online moving calculator that can act as a lifesaver for a new homeowner or a renter. This calculator is free to use and can give a mover a very good estimate.


Movers are mostly under tremendous stress and tension. They are so focused on getting their stuff together and organized that they do not pay attention to other matters. This is what encourages some agencies to exploit them. They know that their customer is not in a position to argue or bargain and hence they take advantage of this situation and take out as much as they can. Sometimes minor preparations and research can help a new homeowner or a renter save a lot of money and energy. Therefore, a new homeowner or a renter should always be knowledgeable, well researched, and prepared enough to make his moving experience less tense and stress-free.

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