What are The Best LLC Formation Services for Your New Business?

An LLC or a Limited Liability Company business model is one of the most used and popular business models around. In LLC, the personal assets of the owner are protected, and they could potentially lower their liability when it comes to taxes. While it is possible to work on LLC paper works independently, most people avail the services of an LLC filing company to guarantee that the business is created correctly and that all the forms are filled out as accurately as possible. 

Why should you get an LLC Formation Service?

Doing it independently

While it is certainly possible to do all the filing of paper works yourself, some people still find it difficult. Though for many, it is not a problem because you only have to follow a specific process, for some, it is troublesome because they are concerned if they’ve all the right steps for the entity creation. It is a big step in starting up a business, and it’s really handy to know if you’ve done things the right way. 

Hiring an attorney

If you are in the process of entity creation, hiring a lawyer could potentially be an option for you. If you want a personalized and hands-off way to do the process, an attorney could provide that for you. The only problem is that even hiring an attorney might sound great. It is also extremely expensive. Their services usually cost around a thousand to one thousand five hundred dollars to form an LLC. 

LLC formation services

If you can’t do it alone or you simply can’t afford to hire an attorney for the process, hiring an LLC formation service is your best bet, and these are the reasons why;

Saves time

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, starting a new business can be tough, for it requires a deep level of commitment which can take up a lot of a person’s time. Rather than spending your time filing the entity formation documents, hiring an LLC formation service only requires you to fill in the information once about you and your business. Then the incorporation service will do the rest for you, and you’re good to go.

Peace of mind

By availing of the services of an LLC formation company, you are guaranteed that all the formation documents are filed as accurately as possible. Additionally, all the fees would be settled, and even all extra requirements will be dealt with. Knowing that even the smallest of detail is crucial to the acceptance of your entity’s formation, hiring an LLC formation service will ensure that you won’t lose time and resources in the process. 

Chances for errors are significantly reduced

It is worth noting that even the slightest mistake in the formation of documents can ultimately lead to the rejection of your filing. Through an LLC formation service, the chances for these types of errors can be reduced or even completely eliminated. You are not only trusting the service provider, but you are hiring the services of an experienced professional. Through their services, you are not only saving time and financial resources (in the case that your filing got rejected while doing it independently), but you’re also keeping your mind at ease through the whole process.

Registered Agent Service

For you to start your business, you most certainly need a registered agent. They are responsible for acquiring legal and tax-related documents or services for your business. Hiring a service instead of doing it on your own guarantees that all the files that you receive will be dealt with accordingly. 

Personalized Customer Support

Just like any other service provider, by hiring an LLC formation service, apart from their services, you will also get a personalized customer support service. They will ensure that all your queries about the process or even business-related questions will be answered as soon as possible. Though some processes might be automated, they will most certainly have a group of people that are assigned to help answer your potential questions. 

The Best LLC Formation Services for Your New Business

If you’re looking to start up your business and hiring an LLC Formation services to help you settle all the necessary documents, we have just the company for your needs.

  • Northwest Registered Agent

A family-owned company with employees that actually cares for their clients, Northwest Registered Agent is a service provider known for its “legendary customer service” and with over seven hundred customer service employees all over the country, also known as local Corporate Guides, who knows the ins and outs of local business and cares about the privacy, and safety of their clients. They know that their clients are already going through something frustrating, and it’s their duty to alleviate those problems and help them out through the process. Northwest guarantees that they will make all interactions easy and, most importantly, not annoying. 

Aside from LLC Formation, Northwest also has other services to offer. Their core services also include; Registered Agent Service, Incorporation Service, Nonprofit Formation, VIP Business Service, and Trademark Service. You can also find on their website a step-by-step guide on the LLC Formation process. 

If you are still uncertain about the services that they offer, here are also six things that Norwest always goes by. 

  • You should always be able to talk to us
  • Money should never get in the way of our relationship
  • You should always get what you want as fast as possible
  • We won’t sell your data
  • We charge the same price every year 

The company’s core is its Corporate Guides, Privacy by default, and its trademarked slogan; We’re Just Not Annoying. They live by these principles and make them central in every step of all their processes and services. After all, “at Northwest, support and privacy are the heart of everything we do.” And that’s how you do service the right way. 

If you’re interested in their services, you can visit their website for more information, and for further inquiries, you can directly reach out to Northwest Registered Agent through the contact information provided on their website.

  • ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a top-notch LLC formation service which we think really deserves 2nd place. Although it’s a lot cheaper than Northwest, their support is not as high quality.

However, ZenBusiness is widely recommended throughout many avenues online and even offline. If you want to know more about ZenBusiness we suggest reading about them in full detail.

Starting an LLC with them is easy, fast and comfortable.

If you feel like watching here’s a quick video review of their service:



All in All

Choosing the best LLC formation service for your and your new business’ needs is quite crucial. So we hope we helped you to make the right decision.