What Are the 4 Main Causes of Construction Accidents in New York City?

Construction work is amongst the most dangerous jobs in America and the same is true in New York City. In fact, recent data shows that 22% of workplace fatalities in New York occurred within the construction industry, which highlights just how dangerous the sector is. Here, we examine why the construction industry is so dangerous and what the main causes of construction accidents are in New York City:


1. Falls

Construction work often involves working at height yet a lack of fall protection within the industry is the most common violation cited by OSHA. As a result, a significant number of injuries and fatalities occur when construction workers fall from height and aren’t using effective fall protection equipment.

2. Electrocution

In one year alone, OSHA issued 23 citations to construction companies in New York for failure to ‘control hazardous energy’, so it’s not surprising that electrocutions are a major source of injury and workplace fatalities within the industry. When safety procedures (such as ‘lockouts’) aren’t followed, any construction worker can fall victim to electrocution.

3. Struck by an Object

Machinery, equipment, and materials are constantly being moved around on construction sites and the risk of being struck by an object is ever-present. Despite this, hazard communication is a commonly cited OSHA violation that accounts for a substantial number of construction accidents each year.

4. Caught In or Between Objects

With so many moving objects on a construction site, it’s alarmingly common for workers to be caught in or between them. When this happens, serious injuries, such as broken limbs, head injuries, and internal injuries, can easily occur. Although safety procedures should be in place to minimize risk, sadly these aren’t always followed, which results in unnecessary accidents.

Who Is Responsible for Construction Accidents & Injuries in New York City?

If you’ve been injured while working on-site, a construction accident attorney in NYC may be able to help you obtain compensation. Whether you’ve suffered a fall, been electrocuted, been struck by an object, caught in or between objects, or experienced any other type of construction-related accident, seeking legal advice will enable you to take action against the people responsible.

When a workplace accident occurs, a thorough investigation must be carried out. An experienced attorney will help you identify the person or company responsible for the incident and hold them accountable. Often, construction companies breach health and safety regulations and, when this causes or contributes to an accident, they can be liable.

Making the Construction Industry Safer

Although there are plenty of regulations governing the industry, construction continues to be a dangerous occupation. While the construction industry in America is becoming safer, a rate of 7 injuries per 100,000 full-time construction workers in New York City indicates that there is still work to be done. In addition to campaigning for increased on-site safety, construction workers can compel companies to implement more stringent safety protocols by enforcing their rights and ensuring that action is taken when accidents occur.