What are IoT devices? A simple explanation with an everyday life example.

An IoT device is practically any kind of object (hardware) that can be connected to the Internet in order to transmit some kind of data. If a device is connected it also has to be efficiently managed with an IoT device management platform. There are many different kinds of IoT devices. Some are very simple, others can be quite complex. Everything depends on the specific IoT use case they are designed for and the purpose they are supposed to serve. This can be everything from detailed analytics and cost reduction to process automation or simply put—making your life easier!

Below are some examples of interesting Internet of Things devices that are already present on the market.

Smart light switch

Remember when you used to have to ask your friends or neighbors to come over to your house when you’re on vacation just so that they turn the lights on and off once in a while to simulate that “someone’s home”? Luckily, this is a thing of the past. Thanks to smart light switches, you can control your lights directly from your smartphone. Or even integrate them with your other smart home appliances. Smart light switches are a really basic but extremely useful example of an IoT device.

Intelligent smoke alarm

Smart smoke alarms are another simple example of how IoT devices can make our lives easier. These intelligent devices are different from traditional ones thanks to their connection with other devices and the ability to, for example, send notifications about going off when you’re not home or letting you know when the batteries should be changed so you’re never caught off guard.

Smart locks

One of the most useful everyday IoT devices that are in use today are smart locks. These devices work just like a normal lock and key except the key doesn’t have to be a physical object. It can take the form of a text message, e-mail or a code inserted in a smartphone app. Smart locks use Bluetooth and SSL to communicate and open doors or objects automatically.

Pet Trackers

This one is for the pet lovers out there! Pet trackers are objects used to locate pets and ensure they don’t roam outside of a specific territory. Can they also be considered as IoT devices? Absolutely! Some of them give the pet owners detailed information about the pet’s whereabouts (thanks to for example incorporating an accelerometer) thus enabling the device to be used as a fitness tracker as well.