Welcome to ‘The Butterfly Club’

No, this isn’t a club that looks at butterfly species.

This is a club for women who want to instill positive changes in their lives through healthy eating, transformation and improving  elements within their lifestyle. Based in the UK it’s the brainchild of Natasha Gant.

The Butterfly Club is running a 12-week pilot and I am very excited to be be part of this new club.  Obviously you don’t have to be based in the UK to be part of this club – since I’m based in Maryland! 🙂

The aim is to set in place a 12 week transformation through a mind, positivity, nutrition and lifestyle course.

butterfly clubHow does it work?

Month 1 – You will be given weekly guidance via email with tasks to complete, a book to read, worksheets to complete for month 1 for the transform your mind section. You will be given basic lifestyle changes to make and this will set you up for the month 2 nutrition.

Month 2 – Nutrition, you will be given a plan to follow of clean eating have 2 seminars with our nutrition expert and some recipes to follow. This month is about committing to your health and putting your needs first, no sugar, caffeine, wheat, gluten. You will feel energised, full of life and ready to change.

Month 3 – is all about implementation and putting your new mindset and attitude and nutrition into your everyday life. Living the 80-20 rule with nutrition and continuing with your positivity and law of attraction exercises and create you own vision board to help you pursue your dreams.

Those of us involved in the club have been given specific tasks, like clear out our cupboards, set ourselves 5 goals and read the book The Magic.

My goals? Well, for now I’m sharing three of them with you:

1. Ensure that I spend at least 1 hour quality and educational time with my son.
2. Learn to say no to things that will make me more stressed.
3. Find peace with myself and channel my inner sense of harmony.

The other two are even more personal, so I’ll reveal if they’ve been successful at the end of the twelve weeks.

Here’s to positive change with the Butterfly Club – we’re set to kick off Monday 28 April, 2014, so wish me luck!