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Website Overhaul: Updates that need to be made to increase conversions

The absence of having a website for a business will be addressed as it could be the worst mistake for brand image and information distribution a business could make. While a website is better than no website this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be updated to help increase conversions. Certain updates can make a huge difference while others changes can see little to no increase. Do not waste money on updates that are not proven to increase conversions or leads as a marketing budget is invaluable. The following are certain changes that need to be made for a business to get the most out of their website.

Create Resources

Resources on the blog or on pages relevant to the resources are important. For example, this insurance company has a checklist about what to do after a car accident as a resource on their auto insurance page. Teaching a potential customer important information like this helps earn the trust of the customer. Those companies that try to educate consumers are trusted as it seems other companies try to confuse customers in more confusing industries. Resource content should not be too advertorial but rather informational as the rest of the website can help close the deal.

Don’t Make Navigation a Puzzle

Navigation being too difficult to figure out can frustrate the younger consumer but infuriate an older consumer not as familiar with technology and website layout. A website for a dental office, for example, might want to put their phone number in large numbers at the top of the site. For a dental office, their site’s main function is to help to book appointments as dentists rarely sell items on their websites. An easy online booking function can also be used as certain consumers of the younger generation would rather book online than talk to anyone on the phone. Define the main function of the website then design its navigation to compliment what it is meant to do.

Don’t Leave Out Mobile Traffic

Mobile optimization of a website is important as mobile searches are consistently growing year after year. A website that is difficult to use on a mobile device could be clicked off simply to use another site with easier visitor use. Alienating this entire demographic is not wise as a website is meant to expand the reach of a business. With so many people only using their smartphone or tablet for all things on the internet you need to optimize the site for mobile. Refusing to do this can also hurt in the search engine perspective as ease of use for a site plays an important factor in search engine rankings.

Informational Sales Form To Fill Out

Qualifying leads are important in every business transaction as leads that cannot afford a service or product are worthless to the sales team. In business to business transactions, a minimum spend could help qualify a potential client as some companies do not want clients spending under a certain amount monthly. Another important thing a sales form can do is to ask the potential sale of what their pain points are and how the company can help them. The salesperson armed with this information can then skip offering certain services or products. Customers do not like feeling like they are being sold so discussing things not pertinent to their problems can lead them not to buy.

Website Copy Can Help Convert

The importance of the copy on various pages could not be stressed enough. A professional that is well-versed in writing web copy should be called up as this differs from other forms of content. A call to action or addressing of certain problems companies could solve by using a company’s services or products. Giving in-depth details about the flow of work can help qualify a person or business visiting the site. For those in the e-commerce space, it is imperative that a product copy professional is used. The product copy needs to be detailed yet concise so a customer can scan the information easily. Leaving out important features or details can lead a customer to buy from a competitor that did list these things. Most of the time the consumer might be looking for one or two features so listing the major features although obvious is essential.

A website should be a tool rather than a thorn in the side of a business. Doing an inventory of what the site needs should be done ASAP as it could immediately impact business for the better. Don’t settle for a subpar website as it is extremely affordable to update in today’s freelancer heavy world.

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