Visual strategies to harness the power of your lifestyle

If your age is anywhere in the vicinity of the group lumped together as the infamous “millennials”, it is almost certain that your ears are constantly ringing.

Millennials, despite the fact that they are leading the pack in changing what it means to live a fulfilling and successful life, are often blamed for the general decline of society. Whether it is an uproar over delaying or foregoing completely, the institution of marriage, or maintaining a major attitude shift toward traditional gender roles, this particular generation gets a bad rap, most of which are usually baseless. Millennials undoubtedly set most of the trends in fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, tech, and even legislative focus, always emphasizing the need for the global society to pay keen attention to innovation in all areas.

Millennials know what they want, for the most part, and if they aren’t too sure, they are trying to figure it out. Needless to say, this makes for a busy life of seeking out new experiences, experimenting with new technology, and embodying a consistent pursuit of the right lifestyle fit. Millennials are known to do all of this usually with a smartphone in hand, a tablet on their shoulder, and an intuitive watch on their wrist, so it would make sense for us to highlight one of the most relevant communication apps that are perfect for this generation’s continued world domination.

Below are four reasons why the Eyecon Phone Dialer & Address Book  is the perfect communication app for busy millennials:

Harnessing The Power of Social Media Integration

Social media is undeniably a cornerstone of millennial life. From forming new connections to maintaining old acquaintances to shopping and education, social media is essentially the fuel that runs the world we live in, and to navigate it, integration with all aspects of our lives is essential. Keeping in touch is easier now more than ever, but with sensory-overstimulation, a real issue that deserves consideration, not everything and everyone needs to interact with all the time. This is where the Eyecon Phone Dialer & Address Book comes in. With an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with your most used social media platforms and messaging portals, the Eyecon app is revolutionizing the long-time concepts of screening calls with individual identification markers and having a one-stop system to hold all of your contacts.

Being one of the first visuals-centric phone dialer, this app does all the work from the very beginning: within ten minutes of downloading the app on your iOS or Android device, Eyecon works quickly and efficiently to assign photos to each contact on your list, traversing the depths of popular social media photo galleries before importing onto your contact list.

Time-Saving Visual Strategy

With all the things that a busy millennial may have penciled in on their color-coded calendars at any given time, any app that takes time-saving into account is worthy of consideration. The Eyecon app ensures that no unnecessary time is spent trying to find an old picture of your long-time acquaintance, especially when you have no idea where to look first with social media integration. As mentioned above, the app picks photos from the contact’s social media accounts and/or messaging platforms, utilizing visuals as a tried and true time-saving strategy that allows you to make a split-second-decision on whether the incoming call is worth answering. Visuals give you the opportunity to harness every bit of time you have to do the things that you’re actually interested in doing.

One-Stop Shop For All Your Favorite Communication Tools

The Eyecon app is great as it stands by itself, but it doesn’t want to take all of the shine. In addition to integrating with social media to pull relevant data from your contact list into its innovative visual phone dialer, it also acts as a central hub for your favorite communication tools. No more skipping through multiple apps to keep up with multiple conversations. With Whatsapp, for example, you may not have the time or energy to answer yet another call from your chatty Aunty Jan, so with just one click, you can reject the hundredth incoming call for the day, while sending a quick template message to cool her attention-seeking heels.

Borne From A Need For Innovation

What does a millennial love more than Starbucks? Innovative ways to do the things that we’ve always done. Yes, the native phone dialer works just as well on the most basic level, but with the changing of the times comes the need for technology that knows how to move right along with it. Cofounders Yuval Samson and Erez Dado utilized their combined extensive experience in the telecommunications and software industries, to alleviate frustrations with what they saw as fundamental flaws in the native phone dialer. Even the simplest tasks involve multiple steps that waste time and interest, and updates have not been very forthcoming. Innovation means that the Eyecon Phone Dialer & Address Book is more accessible and simpler to use, with just enough features to see them leading the pack of supposedly similar options.

Millennials may consistently get a bad rap for destroying the habits and trends of yonder years, but that’s what’s so great about how this generation operates. Some things will always remain the same, but millennials are always ready to start the conversation about the things that aren’t working. Communication is one thing that connects us all globally and intergenerationally, so fresh takes on how to make it that much simpler, more accessible, and more fun to engage in is why the Eyecon app is setting the trend.