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Vince van Meer, the app developer who wants to inspire youth to learn coding

The entire world is addicted to the internet. Whether it’s through their tablets, laptops or mobile phones, billions of people spend several hours a day online. Whether it’s listening to music, booking a cab or ordering food, there’s an app for it. Vince van Meer is a serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, who is deeply passionate about sharing his experience and inspiring youngsters to embrace technology, especially coding.

The advent of mobile applications or ‘apps’ has changed the entrepreneurial landscape, by spawning a plethora of tech start-ups. Real world problems are being solved through innovation, ingenuity, and creativity, which leverage technology to create tangible solutions. Vince elaborated on the subject, “The future lies in the digital realm. I want my own story to serve as inspiration so that budding entrepreneurs choose to delve into coding. Not only can they achieve success, but they can truly change the world.”

Vince van Meer is a serial entrepreneur, social influencer and talented app developer. He has built a fashion-based empire on Instagram with a combined following of more than 500,000 people. A skilled coder and programmer, Vince built numerous apps for various brands and earned his first million at the age of 20. From running a successful YouTube channel to raking in 7 figures through social media marketing, internet marketing, and e-commerce, his growth has been truly exponential. Today, he is constantly looking to help other people succeed just as he did while helping to foster an interest in coding and programming. Vince added, “Code is all around us. It’s in our mobiles, appliances, and vehicles, code makes the world go round. It’s truly amazing, and I want people to pursue it as passionately as I do.”

Vince realized at an early age, that doing a typical job was not his cup of tea. He loved the notion of traveling and working on his own terms. Sometimes he would spend several nights in row coding on his laptop, especially when he was creating apps for his clients. Vince started his journey from scratch. He sold his possessions, borrowed $300 from his grandfather and set-up his own office. Despite having no clients, resources or revenue, the young entrepreneur strived away, and soon he began making $10,000 per week. Through his efforts, he has transformed his business into a million-dollar company by the name of Rocketviral. Though he has achieved extraordinary success, Vince loves to focus on his coding, programming and app building forte.

Vince is constantly looking for ways to inspire his followers online and help them develop and nurture a passion for coding and programming. He believes that the two tools can serve as a gateway to multiple opportunities for growth, and have the power to shape and even change our future. Bright young minds have the opportunity to help make a difference, and today’s technology helps provide them with the perfect platform to rise and shine. With technology evolving at an alarming rate, Vince is confident that understanding code will empower today’s youth to truly excel.

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