Video Editing Trend 2020: Are Large/Long Videos Altering the Future of Video Editing Software?

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After calling for the easy access of videos online along with the development of 4G and 5G, now we are coming to the next stage, pursuing the high quality of videos for recording, sharing and keeping. Currently, more and more handset manufacturers join the race for video quality supremacy, so users have more choices to shoot UHD videos, including but not limited to iPhones, GoPros, DJI drones, and digital cameras.

However, what you need to do is not only turn on and turn off the camera. Shooting videos is just the first step. Then you have to trim your footages and merge some clips, add BGM, texts, and transitions, and convert the edited video to a certain format for sharing on YouTube or Vimeo. These are the common post-editing tricks involved in both easy and advanced workflows. But when it comes to a large or long video, you may get troubled in editing and converting issues, for instance, lagging, freezing, sudden quitting, and some unknown errors.

Desktop Video Editors Are Better Options for Large/Long Video Editing, Why?

Although apps on mobile phones are much more tempting than desktop software by their convenience for video editing and sharing in one stop, there are some objective drawbacks that haven’t been solved yet.

Desktop Has Larger Storage

You can easily capture footages in 4K 60fps with an iPhone 8/X/11/11 Pro. But unavoidably, it is at the expense of larger file size so to store more detailed data in each frame. A ten-minute 4K 60fps video shot by iPhone11 takes up 3.9GB of the space, which has already been encoded in HEVC to reduce the file size but still a big challenge to the local storage of the mobile phone and the performance of video editing app.

Desktop Video Editing Software Has Better Processing Performance

Some video editing software on desktops enables GPU acceleration to improve the performance of video processing to a large extent. However, current video editing apps on smartphones are not capable of enabling any kind of hardware acceleration.

Desktop Video Editing Software Has More Features

Many complicated editing features are only available on computers, for example, infinite editing tracks and advanced rendering. Furthermore, editing videos on a larger screen absolutely brings better UX.

You don’t have to use unaffordable professional video editors, just start from free tools. Check this well-rounded free video editing software test and pick the one that suits you most.

Digiarty VideoProc Takes the Lead in Large Long Video Editing & Converting

VideoProc, developed by Digiarty, Inc., catapulted to fame with its professional features of large 4K video editing and converting since it was launched. It is a piece of versatile video editing software for Windows and Mac. You can take it as a large long video editor and a powerful video converter. It edits large long (4K) videos without hassle like a professional video editor, but does not require high-end specs and runs fast on both high- and low-end computers.

The Core Tech: Level-3 Hardware Acceleration

Video editing is a CPU-intensive task for computers, and large video files doubtlessly put much more pressure on the CPU. After activating GPU acceleration and releasing CPUs from heavy work, VideoProc makes the process of large long video editing and converting speed up to 47x real-time faster, and solves issues frustrating users for a long time, like sudden crashing, lagging, freezing, etc.

Unique Large Long Video Editing Features of VideoProc

No matter you want to trim a long video or join multiple video clips into a long one, VideoProc completes these tasks perfectly with easy drag-and-drop. If you shoot a large long video with your GoPro outdoors, it helps you improve the footage in post-editing by deshaking and denoising.

Eminent Capabilities of Large Long Video Converting

We call VideoProc a powerful large video file converter for its robust format compatibility and converting efficiency. With an arsenal of 420+ video formats and codecs, e.g. MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMA, etc., VideoProc supports all videos loaded from iPhones, Android devices, cameras, and DVDs, and exports them in formats smoother to playback on a certain player.

Final Words

In the era of big data, the one who masters advanced data processing tech takes the crown in its industry. As video editing software, large long videos are a tough nut to crack especially on mobile phones. Desktop video editing software VideoProc has found a better way out. And by the GPU acceleration tech, VideoProc achieves fast editing and conversion of large long videos.

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