Video Chat, Virtual Sports and Other Games to Play During the Pandemic

How virtual sports are played?

Games are a great way for you to boost your morale during the pandemic. You can boost the morale of your friends and family even if you’re not with them by playing virtual sports.

Multiplayer online game

I was watching the show the Circle on Netflix, which I highly recommend. The characters in the show lived separately so they could not see each other face to face. So the first game is called,  Who Is This? The game is played by picking a celebrity and play the game on a video chat or you could even just be typing online and you say clues without saying their name and asking people to guess which celebrity you are thinking of and then you can just rotate it around.

Word and Cooking Games:

Another game could be guessing the word – like the old game show called Password. For example, you are trying to get them to say spaghetti and you have to use other words to get them to guess it.

A cooking game that might be fun is called Bake Off. You give everyone a recipe and a certain amount of time to bake it.  When it’s done, have everyone upload a photo and vote on the best dish.

Other Games

Have your friends draw a person and send a photo to everyone to vote on the best or worst drawing.  Have some fun with it by picking other things to draw such as zombies or animals. Another game that might be fun is to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. You can play this game on a video chat by writing rock, paper or scissors on a piece of paper, and then everyone counts 1, 2, 3, and then holds up their paper to show if they selected rock, paper, or scissors.