TSE Discuss What to Look for in a Private Security Firm

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It can be a hassle to find the right private security firm because there are many of them out there that are fully licensed. This industry is very diverse, and it is important to ensure you have made the right decision. How can you pick the right security company to help you with the protection of your private property, public property, event, or individual?

The number of private security guards that offer security services across the country has quadrupled in the past decade. This ranges from mundane tasks like parking lot enforcement to advanced security guard services, and even private investigation, there is a lot going on in the world of private security.

Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority – often referred to as TSE – provide a range of different services in the Mid Atlantic region including policing, public safety and even investigative services among others. They deal with the security industry day in and day out across a range of different sub sections and know what people need. They’ve been in the business well over a decade, having been formally founded on September 1, 2009, in Barboursville, West Virginia and provides services to five geographically distinct tri-state regions, and state-wide across ten states

We discussed with them what anyone looking to hire a private security firm should ask and watch out for and created this piece in light of that.

So, below are some factors you need to consider when choosing the right advanced security guard company.

1. Confirm that the security company is licensed

One of the most important things you need to consider when looking for a private security company is making sure they are licensed according to TSE. A licensed security company is going to provide a wide range of security services. If the security company is offering services like unarmed security guards, armed security guards, private investigative service, then you need to find out whether they are licensed to provide those services.

According to the experts at Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority  you need to keep in mind that security guard services and private investigation are two separate areas of specialization. According to the Private Security Investigative Securities Act, a licensed security guard is someone performing the duties of patrolling or guarding property or individuals for remuneration. A private investigator’s work is conducting investigations to find information for remuneration.

If the private security firm has the license to provide two different services, then they can offer private investigation services and professional security guards services. You also need to hire a private security firm that is going to do a background check on the security officials before they are recruited.

2. The security company should have marked vehicles to be used for patrolling

There are times when the security protecting private property or business property needs more support, especially when dealing with unfamiliar or emergency situations according to TSE. Mobile security vehicles can help because they are operated by trained security officials. The security patrol is also going to be needed when the guard is not around during their shift.

Keep in mind that security guards are going to need washroom breaks and lunch breaks. A marked security patrol vehicle can provide cover so that the post is not left unattended.

3. Finding out whether the company is going to perform in-house security guard training for internal security staff

A basic requirement that a licensed security guard has to meet is having at least 40-hours of security training. They also need to be certified in Emergency First Aid and CPR. The training can be done in the classroom or online.

They can increase their overall ability to perform, especially if they have gone the extra step of getting training beyond the basic requirement. Including the use of force when necessary and de-escalation. There are security service providers that choose to contract the training activities to a third party for their internal security staff.

Adding to the mandatory training sessions, in-house training is a good sign that the company is committed to its objectives. This results in trust and reliability.

4. Specifying your budget

Finding a security company is easy – there are plenty about – not all are good. But it is important to first determine your budget. there are many security guard companies out there, but you have to choose one that you can afford. Different security service companies have different pricing models. This makes it important to compare the pricing before hiring (look at the rate per security guard).

Whether you want regular-looking security personnel, security checks during an important event, residential security, or a security approach to provide protection for property, the charges are going to vary from firm to firm. Below are some of the top categories that various companies are providing services in;

  • Controlling disputes
  • Guest screening
  • Guard dogs
  • Patrolling event areas (whether using mobile security vehicles or patrol guards)
  • Executive protection
  • Driving

5. Hiring a security firm providing services relevant to your situation

TSE advise that if you want to choose a security service provider that is going to take charge of the protection of your event, a person, or property, then you need to see if the services provided by the company are relevant to your situation. For example, you can’t hire traffic control guards or parking lot enforcement officers to provide VIP protection for a high net value who is popular. If you want subtle security, then you need to hire personal bodyguards because they are good at blinding well in a street crowd, mall, or even meetings.

No matter what you choose, ensure that the security officials you have hired can adapt to your lifestyle fitting your personality and needs. You need to check first the nature of the services provided by a specific Toronto security company.

It is important to choose the right private security company

You most likely want someone who is going to provide you with reliable private security services suggest TSE. They need to have the ability to perform under pressure and do their job well. Driving skills are also important. They need to be good with the different aspects of security. It is important for the security team to be good in various security incidents, security systems, and security issues to prevent losses from property damage. Hire a security services company that you can count on.