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‘Trump should be forced to resign’

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Trump said those words during the Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration in Washington, D.C. Because it is the shortest Constitutional oath, he could handle stating it, but living it is a different matter. He has violated that oath, according to many newspaper and television news reports, many times. For that alone he should be forced to resign. If we had a real Congress and Senate—he would be gone by now. His legacy one of hatred, division, and gross incompetence. And worst of all—high treason.

There can be little doubt—to any thinking person who reads up and stays informed of national activities—that Trump used Russia to get into the White House. And they used him, at the same time. Quid pro quo.

Trump is not serving the interests of the American People, at all. The people he says elected him to office. So, that’s a betrayal. But he has served Russian interests and has enriched himself through serving Putin—who generally hates America and wants more brutal Nationalism. The kind of thinking that caused Hitler’s rise to power and resulted in a world war. And that kind of regime, if allowed in America, would destroy the world with another war—this time with nuclear weapons.

Now Trump’s still trying hard to shut down the Mueller Probe, because he knows he is guilty as hell and many people will go to prison, losing their careers and reputations. He will go down in history—if there is one—as the most devious, selfish, hateful, bumbling boob to ever be elected, or selected, as president.

The Democrats were elected by the Blue Wave of national sentiment—a collective mood that we Americans will not stand for dictatorship or a president who tolerates and encourages white supremacy. He has Hitler’s ego, but not the Nazi leader’s intellect or courage in World War I. He would love to be Hitler, but we Americans won’t allow that to happen. The U.S. military leaders will not, either.

Mueller is like a hound dog on Trump’s trail, and has been sniffing the ground following Trump and his menagerie of various breeds of animals for quite some time. He is tough, loyal, honest, and a good man. He does have our interests in mind as he goes about the terrible task to presenting damning evidence against Trump and his people, when the time is right. We can count on that. Otherwise, this would quickly devolve into just another Banana Republic, with a strongman at the helm, and in charge of nuclear weapons.

President John F. Kennedy saved the world from nuclear holocaust when the former Soviet Union planted intermediate range nuclear-armed missiles on Cuba. He got three bullets in the head for his trouble. Instead, he would have received the Nobel Peace Prize—had he lived a little longer. Nationalistic and racist forces hated the Kennedy brothers because they had their own money and could not be bought by anyone. And who were dedicated to the U.S. Constitution.

After the world was almost extinguished by hydrogen bombs in October 1962, JFK made a statement that we all live under a Sword of Damocles—the nuclear problem. Now we Americans have another serious problem. Very serious.

Trump craves more and more power and abuses it daily. More than 200 years ago, after Americans made George Washington our first president, he totally rejected the idea of becoming like a king—since he’d just fought the British in creating our nation so we could live free and try to work toward the goal where all people have opportunity and success. To me, that is what America stands for—and always will.

About the author

Admiral John W. Flores is a disabled American veteran, and a journalist and author in the mountains of northern New Mexico. He is a recipient of the U.S. Navy Public Service Award—presented to him in a 2009 ceremony at the 4th Recon Battalion HQ. The citation was signed by then-Marine Corps Commandant James Conway. Contact the author.

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