True Wireless Charging That Enables Productivity

Marie Kondo is famous for helping companies – and people – declutter.  She recommends that we keep what makes us happy.  Ironically, her advice is scientifically proven.  Decluttering does make us happier – especially when done both at home and at work.

If Marie Kondo was talking to us right now, she would tell us cords create clutter.  They cause stress and anxiety and also, at times, keep us from being happy.  Think about it this way – how many times have you forgotten a charger –or a charging cord at home, got all the way to work and found that you had to either ask to borrow a cord, drive home to get another one, or run into a store and purchase one?  Not only has it happened to many of us, but the amount of clutter created by charging devices has also impacted our productivity, cost companies millions of dollars, and amped up our stress.

There is, however, another way…the DeepCharge way.  DeepCharge is a Boston-based startup founded in 2018, after years of research and development.  The co-founders imagined a world that wasn’t limited by devices or by cords to charge them.  And when they couldn’t find this, they decided to create it.

Yousof Naderi, CEO and Co-Founder believes, “the DeepCharge story is about the courage to change and simplify our lives.  DeepCharge products enable a world where ordinary surfaces transform into charging surfaces.”  Those charging surfaces were specifically designed without device or space limitations.

Today, the company has numerous patents on their proprietary technology, has won grants and awards, and is changing the way enterprises function.  Naderi, a Professor at Northeastern University and his Co-Founder, Kaushik Chowdhury spent years working  together researching how to create a wireless charging platform that was truly wireless, while enabling multi-device charging regardless of device type or kind.  DeepCharge’s intelligent surface was clearly designed for users, by users.  Today, the company has created and deployed the world’s first charging pads that don’t require coil alignment or technology-specific charging.

Not unlike Marie Kondo who wants people to have things around them that make them happy, Naderi and Chowdhury decided to take their already-industry disruptive DeepCharge system a step further by integrating it into furniture.  The result: a clutter-free workspace replete with consistent charging for any device with a rechargeable battery.  Whether you charge one, two,  or ten devices at the same time is literally up to you.

The system was designed with DeepCharge Energy Tiles.  These “tiles” turn any surface into an individual, fully wireless, device agnostic charging station.  But that wasn’t enough for these innovative founders.  Still striving to meet their goal of a perfect wireless charging solution, the Naderi and Chowdhury took their work many steps further, and turned their wireless solution into literally, the only fully programmable, AI-enabled, and reconfigurable system available.  With this, they not only created a new charging methodology, but they also became the core enabler of intelligent surfaces on the market today.

Intelligent surfaces aren’t only good for business, they’re also good for the environment and fall under the Smart Cities category.  A clutter free environment is also beneficial to our mental health and helps us stay focused longer.  Study after study has shown the importance of reducing our stress through decluttering.  In fact, a clear surface also lends itself to less distraction, more productivity, and clearer thinking.

For those reasons, DeepCharge has elected to work with high end, high tech enterprises first.  “They demand technologies that enhance operational efficiency and employee productivity,” says Naderi.  “Their purchasing power is greater and with the Enterprise Wireless Charging Market valued at $4.8 billion annually, this makes the most sense.”

The face of the enterprise is changing and so is the enterprise workspace.  Today, we have more devices than ever before – all of which either need charging or to be perpetually plugged in.  This creates a form of “wire chaos” that is not only distracting, but can also be dangerous.  Naderi believes that for these reasons and many others, “enterprise end-users need a 10x more convenient wireless charging solution and that’s exactly what we’ve built.”  As founders who passionately believe in being agents of change, Naderi and Chowdhury understand that, “the best way to innovate is to radically simplify.” DeepCharge is doing exactly that, by helping people become happier one less cord at a time.