Torontonians can’t catch a weather break this August

Torontonians are becoming accustomed to getting soaked this month by rain. The possibility of severe flooding was a real concern again due to heavy rainfall that occurred on Tuesday when the area was under severe thunderstorm watch for the entire the day. Torrential downpours were in the forecast. The city has been hit by several severe thunderstorms already this August.

In a previous storm on August 7th, nine new TTC streetcars were damaged during a heavy downpour that flooded streets and homes. The Greater Toronto Area experienced flash flooding due to the estimated 100 millimetres of rain that hit the area. North York and downtown were hit particularly hard with between 50 to 75 millimetres of rainfall in just a two to three-hour period.

City streets and basements became flooded with water and sewage overflow that aging pipes were unable to handle. Many of the TTC’s streetcars became completely submerged in water causing serious transportation disruptions and costly damage to the streetcars. While some of the streetcars will be fixed in Toronto, the more seriously damaged ones will need to be sent to New York for deep cleaning and repair, adding additional expenses.

With the expectation of more heavy rainfall this month, transit officials and city authorities are reminding pedestrians and drivers to be cautious, especially in areas prone to flooding such as around Union Station. Residents are also being issued clear instructions in order to prepare for flooding near their homes, in light of a slew of homeowners having recently blamed the city for the massive flooding that damaged their homes and property. The residents accused the city of not having done enough to update aging infrastructure which they claim led to costly damage which could have been avoided.

Toronto plumber, DrainCom, explains that basement flooding is one of the biggest and costly problems any property owner can experience, and that homes are very susceptible to  flooding during times of excessive rainfall or melting snow. With climate circumstances making Toronto properties highly vulnerable to flooding, it is prudent that homeowners take measures to waterproof their homes in addition to rely on the city to maintain a functioning and efficient sewer and drainage system.

With more rain in the forecast, city crews bolstered by extra staff remain on high alert and available around the clock to respond to flooding calls by motorists and pedestrians in need of assistance.