Top translation industry trends in 2020 that you can’t afford to miss

We are surely thriving on the peak of globalization and all the credit for this cross-border interaction, transaction, and business goes to the influx of the internet. With globalization becoming the strongest pillar of every country’s economy, communication between nations using different languages has become very necessary and a better translation has become crucial to accommodating this trend.

Not only day to day business deals, publishing articles, and research work on a global level require better certified translation services, but even diplomacy and economic growth are completely dependent on it. This can be one of the main reasons why certified translation services are growing at the same pace of globalization.

But with time, many things have changed in the translation industry, and just like all other industry domains, the translation industry witnesses new trends popping up and dying in a couple of years or continuing for more than a decade. Whether it is about choosing the right certified translation services or making your translation firm stand out of the crowd, keeping tabs on the translation trends in 2020 is very necessary and this is what we are going to address in this blog post.

Internal digitization

There was a time when translation companies had only one job, to translate a piece of document from one language to another. But the influx of digitization has diversified the role of translation companies and now they are a part of a much bigger story.

Shifting content online, using advanced technology to manage that content and optimization have become paramount without considering where other languages fit. But with the help of advanced digitization, now most of the companies and people are seeing translation companies as content-centric services, not only as translation-centric services.

With the growing demand for going global, there is a much bigger need to localize mobile apps, videos, games, and other platforms and this is how the role of translations companies has become more diversified because of internal digitization. The diverse role of translation firms and the need for translation content based on different platforms will continue to trend in 2020 as well.

Speech recognition

In the modern-day digital world, the speech to text technology is going to become a panacea for all the issues related to translation and it is going to become a new normal in the translation industry as well.

Translation software solutions are still not very accurate and this is one of the main reasons why most of the companies offering certified translation services are not completely dependent upon machine-based translation. But with machine-based software solutions becoming more accurate, speech to text is going to act like a magic wand for most of the translation companies and they are going to use it for quicker and more accurate translation services.

Many giant companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are already thriving on STT (speech to text) technology but it will surely take some time for this technology to become a part of mainstream culture in the translation industry. In the year 2020, there will surely be many new improvements in STT technology and that’s why you will need to keep tabs on it.


There are many repetitive processes in translation service and these repetitive processes don’t only take time but they also make the translation dull and boring. In a fast-moving world, translation companies are not in the mood of wasting time in repetitive processes and this is why they are thriving on the proliferation of automation.

Automation is slowly becoming one of the biggest trends in document translation services and the best part is that for adopting automation, translation companies don’t have to burn a hole in their pocket. Modern and advanced but easy to use technological solutions like AI and machine learning are helping the translation industry to adopt automation and let the computer take care of a major portion of the document translation services.

Because of automation, most of the translation companies have started including machine-based translation as a feature on their official website but it doesn’t mean that the companies are totally dependent upon software and computers for the translation service. For accurate translation, human intervention is still necessary.


Another major growth that we are going to witness is related to marketing translation services as the marketing landscape keeps on changing at a very fast pace. With the rapid shift of consumer taste and preference, the way they engage with brands is also changing and this will put a significant effect on the translation industry as well.

In 2020, we may see a growth of transcreation in the translation industry, mainly because of the rapid change in the marketing landscape. Transcreation is the process of using the initial marketing material of the company and using it to target a new audience base. Doing so will surely involve many things but translation is also going to play the main role in such a type of marketing approach.

Since the content of an ad campaign is its basic foundation, transcreation is going to lead the translation trends in 2020 as we will witness some dramatic changes in the world of marketing and the way people engage with a brand.

Quick and accurate service

In 2020, businesses and individuals will be looking forward to quick and accurate translation services and this is why translation companies will need to level up their game. From advanced technological solutions to automation, translation companies are going to use many new things in their translation service in order to fulfil the more defined needs of modern-day clients.

Since competition is increasing in every industry and people mostly don’t have much time in their day to day life, the need for quick and accurate translation services will increase. You might witness people switching from one translation service to another on the basis of speed only. So as a translation company, you will have to come up with new plans to boost the speed of your translation service and make it more accurate.

Although there are many things that are going to influence the translation industry in the year 2020, technological evolution is going to play a key role in this paradigm shift. Keeping an eye on the latest trends will help you in understanding the translation industry better and you will be able to choose a better service.