Top Resume Templates to Help you Craft the Best Resumes

You want to land that great job, right? You need a great resume! Well, you have worked hard both in college and previous jobs and the time has come to hit the road to the dream job. But, like many people, you might find getting started with crafting a winning resume tricky. You look at a blank page, and … it feels sort of frustrating.

That is why we are here. You will never feel frustrated again! In this post, we are going to demonstrate to you how to craft that killer resume with resume templates to grab the job of your dreams. With the tested and proven resume templates, creating that professional resume is like flipping your fingers.

Top Resume Templates that will Never Fail You

While it is true that there are dozens of ways that you can frame your resume, it is advisable to focus on the winning ones. After all, your main goal is to win that dream job. Therefore, we have lined the top three resume templates that will never fail you. Have a look.

1)   Professional Resume Templates

If you have a job opening but you are unsure of the type of resume to use, the best option is the professional template. It will work perfectly in any industry. You will not look boring. Instead, it makes you appear sharp and focused. Professional resume templates are best for:

  • Conservative jobs in industries like banking, finance, public safety, law, and insurance.
  • Manufacturing and related jobs including mining, agriculture, construction, and logistics.
  • Job hunters with very long or very short work history.

2)   Modern Resume Templates

If you are seeking employment in an organization that has a very strong brand, consider using the modern resume template. The template is also very effective when applying for jobs where candidates are expected to be up-to-date with knowledge in areas like cultural trends, technology, and businesses. This template is ideal for:

  • Job openings in customer service, retail, promotions, public relations, and advertising.
  • Sales and marketing related tasks, particularly those related to dealing directly with customers.
  • Tech jobs in most industries.
  • Services in consulting, scientific, and financial areas.

3)   Creative Resume Templates

If you are looking forward to making an impression that is different from that made using the other two types of resumes, consider going for the creative resume design. This is very important to sail through the gatekeeper, especially in the creative niche. Here, your resume is considered as a work sample. The primary focus is demonstrating your ability to do a specific task and how you have done similar tasks. For example, in digital marketing, the target employer might be interested in knowing your efficiency in driving traffic and enhancing a brand’s image as opposed to your educational background. The creative resume is best for:

  • Creative jobs in social media and software development.
  • Sports industries and entertainment.
  • Creative jobs such as game design, visual merchandise, digital arts, and fashion.

Special Tips to Get More from Resume Template

After selecting the right resume template, the focus should be directed at the type of job you are applying for. Then, make sure to tailor the resume to demonstrate your suitability. Here are some useful tips:

  • Address the job duties with specificity.
  • Make every word count.
  • Make the resume machine-readable.
  • Have a trusted friend review it.
  • Arouse interest with the resume.
  • Leave out anything irrelevant.
  • Avoid copy-pasting other sections of the resume.
  • No matter what, do not lie!

When looking to impress with your resume, do not spare any effort. How good you make your resume is the bottom-line for getting hired. With a great resume template, you are assured of a winning resume.