A Lazy Day at Home Without Your TV Could Be Productive

So, you have the day off and it’s too cold to hang out outside? Usually, this might lead to an entire day of binging whatever TV show you need to catch up on. And we’d normally be on board if there weren’t so many other productive uses of your time at home. Once winter comes, it will be so tempting to stay at home and do nothing, but why pass up the chance to expand your mind?

Taking even a day off from TV watching can mean that you finish a book you’ve been putting off finishing, you complete a puzzle that’s been sitting on your dining table for ages, or that you finish a project you’ve been meaning to finish for weeks or even months. The satisfaction gotten from a job well done will be a better feeling than watching a countdown to the next episode on your streaming service.

Get your most important projects finished, your brain cells stimulated, and perhaps your warmest blanket and a cup of cocoa, because you’re about to get a lot done on your next day off.

1. Read a book!

One of the most underrated downtime activities is reading, and it has been for quite some time. If you find yourself with an empty afternoon, it could be fruitful to pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read. It could get even more comfortable if you’re sat by the fireplace, and the pages just won’t stop turning! Pick up something that particularly piques your interest.

2. Organize!

Marie Kondo was all the rage last year, and in some ways still is, for her magical way of tidying up. A lazy day at home could turn into a productive one if you do a little tidying. For example, cleaning out a closet that’s stuffed to the brim could be a simple way of unloading some stress and feeling productive, and it won’t take away much of your leisure time in the grand scheme of things.

3. Start a craft!

What’s better than finishing something you made yourself? Ok, so there might be better things like getting a copious amount of birthday gifts, but starting and finishing a craft is something you can tangibly recognize, and if it turns out well, something you can keep forever. Some crafts can be small, like creating lamps out of empty wine bottles (no judgment), but others can involve building and mounting your own shelves, building a bookcase, or even sanding and painting furniture. Doing a task like this will make you feel productive, accomplished, and creative.

4. Cook something new!

Get out your cookbooks and your baking utensils, it’s time to cook something you never have before! If you don’t have any cookbooks, that’s perfectly alright. You can look up whatever recipe you want on the internet. If it’s an especially cold day, you could make a casserole, a stew, or a dish that could last you through the coldest week. If you’re not keen on cooking though, know that https://www.foodpanda.pk/chain/ck1as/pizza-max has your back.