Top 5 Ways to Spend Your 2011 Tax Refunds

We’re less than two weeks away from Tax Day 2012. If you have not filed your 2011 tax return, do it ASAP. If you have and you’re fortunate enough to get some cash back from Uncle Sam, here are some suggestions on what to do with your refund from Bethesda, Md.-based

1. Pay off debts: It makes sense. Get closer to ridding yourself of that car payment, education loan or credit card bill.

2. Add to savings or investments: There is nothing wrong with building your Nest Egg or funding a Roth IRA or 529 education savings plan.

3. Take a vacation: Maybe you want to tour Ancient Rome, maybe you want to sip margaritas and soak up the Caribbean sun, maybe you want to ski the Aspen slopes. Maybe you just want to get away …

4. Make home improvements: A renovated bathroom or kitchen would be nice as would a new appliance, or two or three.

5. Buy a car, furniture or electronics: Who doesn’t like new toys?