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Is Linux right for you?

Most do not use Linux because they do not know what it is and what the benefits are. Let’s get a grip on why Linux is so great. So to start things off here is a list the benefits:

  • It’s free – Free is always good.
  • It’s open source- What’s the big deal about open source? Open source is great because first of all it means it’s free, second it means that anyone can see the code and edit it and redistribute improved versions.
  • There are many different versions –  so many versions that you can chose the one that fits you best.
  • Very good security- When it comes to security Linux always has stayed constant with today’s security and in turn they protect your computer from the most harmful attacks.

I used to be afraid of Linux for the fact that I never used it and Linux used to be a much less forgiving operating system then it is now. But now that linux has evolved it has become a much more user friendly operating system. If you want to try Linux before you install it, you can by using a live cd or booting it from a flash drive. The information on how to do this is on the Ubuntu site. So go and check out Linux for yourself and find out if it will be your next main operating system.

There are too many desktop distributions of Linux to name all of them, so here are the top ones:

  • Ubuntu- This is easiest and most user friendly of all the linux distributions.
  • Fedora- This is a great version for running a server and playing around with a pretty user friendly distribution.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux- This is a very good version for servers.
  • For a full list of linux distributions click here.

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