Top 5 Anime Transformations

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Anime wouldn’t quite be anime if it didn’t factor in a major, exciting transformation. For many animes, these transformations and power-ups represent massive turning points in their stories and serious character development. Though they seem as though they happen in nearly every single anime, there are plenty of transformations that really amp up their respective programs. Here are some of the best anime transformations you’ll ever see.

From student to master

Fans of Naruto already know that he experienced one of the most dramatic shifts in all of anime. Naruto started off as a complete novice. In his squad, he was often looked down on as the runt of the litter, so to speak. Though he always had a good amount of potential, Naruto never seemed to be able to harness it. However, throughout the entirety of both the manga and the anime, he shifted so fully that it shocked many fans. From dud student to Hokage, Naruto definitely proved he could change the world.

Attacking titans

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that “Attack on Titan” is making major waves in anime circles. It’s been gearing up for further releases but even its first adaptations have been groundbreaking. Protagonist Eren Yeager sets out to be the hero of the militia that defends his world against the Titans, but despite all of his efforts, he ends up developing the ability to transform into a berserk titan himself. It was a shock to viewers, to say the least.

“Attack on Titan” isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s one of the more adult animes on this list and features a fairly bleak story with plenty of blood, guts, and gore. Just be prepared if you’re going in unaware.

What’s your instinct?

“Dragon Ball” has endured as one of the most exciting, revolutionary franchises in the manga and anime universes and the Ultra Instinct of “Dragon Ball Super” is no exception. Goku has been working for so long to master the Ultra Instinct, but he finally crosses the line and the result is incredibly exciting, both for “Dragon Ball” initiates and long-time viewers. For an anime that has such a history, it’s been able to continually surprise. Can Goku do no wrong? Tune into the next episode of “Dragonball” to find out!

Meet a sailor

Any list of anime transformations would be remiss without some strong mention of the classic Sailor Moon. Though the reboot has done a serviceable job of doing justice to the original program, the starter gets major points for “doing it first.” “Sailor Moon” initiated many a viewer to the world of anime and the squad’s transformations really took the world by storm. Who was your favorite Sailor?

Gum…not the chewing kind

One Piece” is a major fan favorite for many anime fans. Protagonist Luffy is fun, energetic, and optimistic. Plus, he has Mr. Fantastic-esque stretching abilities from the gum-gum fruit. However, that’s not the only power he has. His gear-change ability lets him reach to the fourth gear, where he can dish out insane amounts of hurt while taking little to no damage. That’s a big shocker for a stretchy character that often comes across as somewhat flimsy.

Who’s missing?

While this is nowhere near a comprehensive list (Inuyasha, anyone?), it’s still a great primer to some of the most amazing anime transformations that have been committed to screen. However, there are still plenty of bombastic, out of this world anime stories that have been told that there’s plenty of room for other amazing transformations. All that’s left for you to do is to fill in the blanks.