To My Friends and Family

As I look down upon those gathered here today
Who’ve come to pay their respects to me
Each of you mourning in your own way
There’s something that I would like to say

To my friends… Don’t let this day
Be one of melancholy
My life I want you to celebrate
Please try not to be sad for me
Because now I’m in God’s embrace
I’m finally at the end of my journey
And I’m at peace
Instead remember me in each of your own ways
And how I love each of you dearly

To my children… Don’t cry for mommy
I’m no longer suffering
Instead keep me in your hearts throughout your days
As you become the strong women I always knew you’d be

And last, but not least
To my husband… Thank you for always loving me
For being the best husband you could be
For being there each and every day
And remaining strong for your family

Love always,