TK Bands rumored to be working on a new album

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The only constant thing about art is to continually transform existing creation into something better and something that is in sync with the current world. Musicians, particularly, must be more abreast of such changes and make their music appealing to their audience, with something refreshing each time. Young artists like TK Bands are major contributors to such new generation music. The 24-year-old musician is a popular name in the world of rap music. After earning a lot of success in his last few albums, he is all set to expand his music portfolio with his new album. He is reportedly working on his next album, the finer details of which are yet to be released.

Also known by his birth name, Jeffrey Almanzar, TK Bands has grown to be a popular rapper by bringing his raw emotions to his music. While rap music is essentially about drawing inspiration from real-life situations, most popular albums often integrate elements that are more commercial in nature. But Jeffrey kept the rawness of his music alive by making it more realistic by using his life’s hardships as the source of his musical compositions. In his growing up years, Jeffrey had a tough life. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he saw a lot of difficult times at home. After dropping out of high school at the age of 16, he took up odd jobs to support his mother and the home. From being a street vendor to a busboy at a pizzeria, Jeffrey had worked across various professions, but soon he realized that he could not continue with the typical daily grind and felt he was missing something. He was looking for something more fulfilling and soon found his calling in music.

Jeffrey had no training or experience with music but only his life’s experiences. He used his only resource to drive his imagination and penned down his true emotions, his journey through tough times, his frustrations, and thus, brought out his soul into his rap compositions. He recorded his first song and received positive responses from his friends. This motivated him to pursue this further. From casual rapping stints to local events, he soon became recognized in the rapping fraternity. Jeffrey got noticed by the popular rapper Ghostface Killah, who went on to become a mentor and an important contributor to his success. Jeffrey established himself as TK Bands, the new rapper on the block, by opening shows for other famous rappers and doing local shows. Ever since he started his music career, TK Bands has associated himself with popular artists like Don Q, Jay Critch, Uncle Murda, Shelow Shaq, Chimbala, and many more.

TK Bands has been composing music for five years and has recorded more than 20 songs, which features many emerging and popular artists. But “Never Heard Of”, featuring Uncle Murda, remains the most popular. Now, continuing his journey of bringing new generation rap music to his fans and followers, TK Bands will soon be releasing their next album. What he brings in his new creation will be something worth looking forward to.