Tips to Go Flawless with Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine

Trials of the Nine is a 4v4 event that comes with several requirements in place. First, players who engage in this must have completed the main Destiny 2 campaign after unlocking the Call to Arms Milestone. Additionally, one must achieve a power level of not less than 260. Every weekend, the Trial map rotates to give a unique challenge for the players to relish in as they play for more vague loot drops.

Trials is mainly played on two different game modes; Survival and Countdown. Read on to get more tips on this beautiful game.


The survival game mode is a round-based team death match that has restricted respawns. Every team begins with 8 respawns and you must not waste any of them. Be sure to always stick with your team so that you can team shoot whoever comes to sight. Survival is usually slower when compared to other game modes because hand-holding with teammates will occur frequently. Loners have a rough time, especially when they wander off on their own because they will be susceptible to the enemy team that works together.


In the countdown game mode, one team will attack while the other will defend. Irrespective of the side you are on, you need to stick with your team to win more engagements. Team shooting is an essential factor in Destiny 2. It is best for attackers to determine the two bomb sites they wish to attack before the round begins. When it is time to fight, you can quickly turn the favor to your side through things like Titan Barricades and Warlock Rifts. You can always play smart in the Trials of The Nine Carry by forming your defense or attack around these things.

Be patient

Occasionally, the flawless 7-0 card is quite elusive. To succeed in this game, you need to always stay focused and not be discouraged when you fail. This is because in some cases, other teams will just be better than you and you cannot do anything about it. Accept the loss and start another new card and you will rise to the top of the Third Spire where you will get top tier rewards from the Emissary. Continuous practice will help you to familiarize with the task at hand.

Always have fun

It is never the end of the world for you if you do not go flawless. Keep in mind that you will still have access to packages at three, five, or seven wins. Furthermore, you will also be rewarded tokens with all wins on your first card. You can earn random rewards by giving these tokens to the Emissary at the Third Spire. You do not have to achieve flawless at your first few attempts. Take time to enjoy the game, be patient and calm and you will achieve the desired outcome.

Destiny Trials of the Nine is now replacing the Trials of Osiris from the original game. It challenges players to flawlessly run inside the Crucible for them to gain access to the major Trial event. With the above Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine tips, you will enjoy this game and be rewarded immensely.