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Tips to create your best online portfolio

With the blogging era and technology overcoming humankind, times have changed a lot leaving us with a ton of innovations. While some of us still remember the paper CV and portfolio, which we used to submit during the interview, it doesn’t work now. Sure, it has become a lot easier to find a job now than it was a decade ago. All we did before was talking about your skills in front of the recruiter describing how brilliant you are, but nowadays social media works for us.

Creating an online portfolio with your cover letter is effortless and very efficient, remarkably, if you do it in the form of a web page. Yet, what should you cover so it’ll catch your potential employer’s attention? We’re here to help you, presenting 4 main tips for a bomb CV page.

1. Show off your best features

If you’re just starting out with a page creation, you should first make up your mind and decide what your besttraits are. People generally have a short attention span, spending only 10 to 20 second to decide if your skills are worth their time. Go through your finished projects and add the best ones to show everything you’re capable of. But don’t forget to organize it properly.

2. Keep the style simple

Go for simple and easy-to-understand style, making it unchallenging to find all the important data. This adds up to our main tip, the one where we talked about the attention span. When someone likes your portfolio, they instantly want to find your cover letter and grab some of your stories. In case they can’t reach it, it will probably become just a waste of time.

3. Make your bio stand out

Now it’s time to write your cover letter, which will be one of the most important parts of your web page. Don’t just plan it like in your old CV, make it interesting, and include your own story. It’s very efficient to present your customer with linking to your used works. Of course, writing might not be your best skill. If you’re having problems with it, it’s always possible to ask professional cover letter writers for help.

4. Update your web page

Times are changing, and we should change with this accordingly. One advice is not to include works older than 3 years to your page. This way you won’t seem old-fashioned, and your potential recruiters will judge only your new skills. Besides, by updating new works all the time, you can show that you’re fast, active and completely ready to take up a new task.

We hope that these tips will help you stand out from the rest and find a place in your field. Your portfoliois something you can show off, and you should not forget about this! Always be confident in your abilities and power and don’t give up. We’re cheering for you.

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