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Tips for Finding the Best Snow Blowers This Winter

If you live in an area that has heavy snow throughout the winter months, then you probably have thought about getting a snow blower instead of having to shovel your driveways and sidewalks. The main thing is where you actually start and what kind of snow blower you need, as well as whether you really need one, or if you just want one because of the ease of use. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips for finding the best snow blowers that you can use this winter.

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Thinking of Stages

There are three different general stages of snow blowers, and each stage has the ability to handle more and more plus deeper snow than the predecessor stage. With single-stage blowers, these are perfect for level surfaces that don’t have a lot of terrain difference. Not only that, they’re best suited for things like driveways and sidewalks if that’s all you are concerned about using. Two-stage blowers have an auger like the single-stage ones, but they also have an accelerator that can handle various terrain types and more. Word to the wise – even though you can get away with usually adjusting the height on them, it’s a best general practice to not use two-stage blowers on surfaces like gravel because this can be potentially dangerous.

Three-stage blowers have a lot more power and are generally not used for homes. If you operate a small business, these may be the right blower for you, but generally it’s only larger areas that need a snow blower of this size.

Electric or Gas Powered

Depending on the thickness, the type of snow (powdery and light or moist packable snow), and how much snow you actually get each winter on average, this will affect your decision. For less than 8 inches of average snowfall at a time per year, you may want to consider an electric blower, especially if you don’t have that much area to clear.

Otherwise, if you get more than this, you probably want to opt for a gas-powered model, which usually provides a little more power, even at the single-stage level. If you have to use an electric one, you need to consider the power source. There are a few wireless options, but generally, they don’t have the power you may need if you get heavier snow each year.


As mentioned above, these numerous factors will greatly help you when it comes to choosing the right snow blower for the job. You’ll want to ensure that your blower has a good clearing ability, as well as a chute and power to offer efficient blowing of the snow while that can throw it the furthest with the least amount of effort.

This is solely to improve productivity. The more snow you can clear and get the furthest away from you with each pass, the better the snow blower. Also as mentioned above, you can find numerous brands, and a variety of prices. Your best bet is to get a 2-stage blower instead of a single-stage variety that is gas-powered. This way you are better equipped for heavy snow. The average snow blower can cost anywhere from a hundred US dollars, all the way to about nine hundred, depending on the brand, and how many features the snow blower has. Your best bet is to find one that’s somewhere in the middle.

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