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This Car Influencer is Shaping Customer Decisions—One Test-Drive at a Time

What is the first thing you do when you need to buy something? Most of the time, people seek advice from friends or others they know. Whether it is a new fridge, a mobile phone, or a car, the people we trust greatly influence our decision-making.

When it comes to cars, Sergio Mariscal has incredible passion. A successful journalist covering the automotive industry, he taps into his extensive experience and expertise to help consumers choose the right vehicle.

Sergio Mariscal

Sergio Mariscal (Photo by Héctor Saliá)

Sergio Mariscal decided to follow his heart, and thus he merged his passion for entrepreneurship, love for cars, and expertise in the realm of communication. Today, he is hailed as one of the most respected car influencers in the world. Instead of merely writing about cars, he takes a more hands-on approach by traveling around the globe and test-driving every single car personally.

The unorthodox method allows him to offer his audience an honest, unbiased, and first-hand account of the cars he has driven. He explains, “As an automotive journalist, it is my foremost duty to provide people with honest, accurate, and reliable information. It empowers them to make educated decisions about the ideal cars that would suit their needs.”

In 2013, Sergio founded to help create a reliable means of communication in the automotive industry. His passion and dedication to providing meaningful, insightful information about cars have led him to every corner of the globe, including Japan, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Canada, the United States, South America, and Mexico, among others.

He possesses a wealth of knowledge, covering various topics, such as the latest trends in the automotive sector, brand new car models, performance evaluations, and head-to-head comparisons. Sergio also shares tips, tricks, and trivia to help automobile enthusiasts up their game. As a result, he has garnered a massive following both online and off.

His genuine passion for cars continues to help him guide and influence people towards choosing the right vehicle. Not to mention, they also have access to the latest information about the industry. Sergio shares, “I chose to follow my heart and continued to do what I did best. When people can draw utility from the information that I provide, I know that I’ve served my purpose. As an automotive journalist, nothing can make me happier.”

When he isn’t traveling the world and driving the world’s most excellent cars, Sergio enjoys spending time with his family. This proud father of two enjoys spending time with his wife and children every chance that he gets. He firmly believes in maintaining work-life balance while continuing to do what he loves most.

Sergio also hosts his car show, Super Nave on Acustik TV. Previously, he hosted another show called Road TV on Telefórmula for several years. On the radio, he has hosted the Fórmula Autotrend show on Radio Fórmula.

As you can see, his varied and extensive experience in the industry allows him to provide a holistic perspective to his international audience. From test-drives and car specs to podcasts, shows, and expert advice, Sergio Mariscal is shaping the automobile industry one test-drive at a time.

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