This American Rapper’s Entrepreneurial Journey teaches us that One good pandemic business idea deserves another

The pandemic has had us thinking of new ways to bring in new revenue streams and add to our knowledge an additional source of income while we relish our homestays.

In this context, the American rapper and entrepreneur Grateful Edmund was no exception. This article talks about his pandemic journey of running great businesses with an innovative mindset.

Grateful, who is publicly known as a successful independent music artist, found himself unable to gain his regular revenue stream when COVID-19 first put the country on lockdown.

We all got to experience the same situation when the unprecedented waves of the alarming virus hit the globe. On the other hand, the pandemic gave us enough time for self-introspection and tweaking our paths, rethinking life as never before.

Since Grateful was unable to do tours where most artists make their living, he took the plunge to showcase his creativity, to which he was no stranger. The rapper has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Google, Motorola, and LG, in the past and comes with a rich experience. Pursuing his passion for music, Grateful made his debut album “Grate District of Raleigh” in 2019 and transformed his first release into a comfortable living.

Fast forward to March 2020, as everyone struggles to figure out how to make money in this new normal, Grateful was already on his toes. His initiatives and proactiveness before the pandemic helped him survive the latter half.

In the pre-pandemic stage, Grateful obtained an FAA 107 unmanned pilot’s license, legalizing himself to fly drones under FAA regulations. He obtained the license thinking it would come in handy for music video shoots without incurring problems with the law if he ever wanted to shoot them.

But post-COVID, Grateful found other things he could use it for. He launched his first pandemic-driven venture called “Stealthport,” an initiative that leverages drone technologies for delivery purposes. Grateful secured drone contract work with roof inspection companies using his marketing skills.

Social media proved to be a turning point in his entrepreneurial journey, and became a game changer, giving birth to yet another venture. Grateful’s marketing strategies came in handy and introduced him to another revenue stream during the pandemic.

During one of his live sessions on Instagram, a random person asked him about a bottle on display while he was filming live from his kitchen. Grateful replied to the viewer, saying that it’s a bottle of hot honey sauce that he uses to spice up his meals. Unable to hold his curiosity, the viewer asked for a sample piece of it, which Grateful delivered just like a normal day.

Extremely delighted with the product, the viewer reposted his product on Facebook, telling everyone how delicious that hot honey sauce bottle was. Never did he know that his one sample piece would garner him back-to-back orders and help him establish a business.

Within no time, people started reaching out to Grateful to get themselves that tasty hot honey sauce bottle. This instance motivated Grateful to open up a side business and name it

“Grateful’s Stealth hot honey.”  Grateful is the finest example of someone who utilized the pandemic days to the best of his potential and transitioned himself into running two successful companies, both sparked by pandemic uncertainty. His story inspires people to think outside the box and stay infused with creativity and innovation.