These Are The Things That I Am

Like many, my life is a journey
A flow of ups and downs
Highs and lows that sculpt my mind and soul
I weather rain storms and soak in warmth when I see the sun

I know that all I have is who and what I am
On some days I can be great, and others I am a disappointment
I am quiet, and I keep most of what I am inside
Until I do something like this, and write something down

And share it with the world around me..

When I do this, I never imagine it going any further than a few curious eyes
But that’s okay because it’s just what I feel inside
All I have is my energy and my love
Those who know me (or have grown to know me) have heard my voice inside
That whenever I speak there’s something in my heart driving me
I am a collection of powerful emotions, complicated feelings and expansive visions
When I say “I love you”, it’s forever
Even if we don’t stay in sync, that feeling never truly goes away from me
I have complex moments of vulnerability and become child-like
It is in these moments that hope grows in my soul
I write about them, compose songs about them and encourage others
I reach out and do the best that I can
Sometimes I am slow to act
Only because in life I tend to play Chess instead of Jenga
I find that I’m safer that way
It makes the path to happiness a bit more gratifying
I think about the future all of the time
But not at the expense of the present
Living removed from cliques, collectives, scenes and things
I feel better about life when I have the chance to be myself, think for myself and develop my own ideas
I like doing random acts of kindness
I like sleeping under alot of blankets
I’m a big baby deep down inside, I like toys, trinkets and tinkering
And when I like someone I develop a deep fondness for that person
And sometimes I like being randomly different, because I hate being predicted…