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These Are The Things That I Am

Like many, my life is a journey
A flow of ups and downs
Highs and lows that sculpt my mind and soul
I weather rain storms and soak in warmth when I see the sun

I know that all I have is who and what I am
On some days I can be great, and others I am a disappointment
I am quiet, and I keep most of what I am inside
Until I do something like this, and write something down

And share it with the world around me..

When I do this, I never imagine it going any further than a few curious eyes
But that’s okay because it’s just what I feel inside
All I have is my energy and my love
Those who know me (or have grown to know me) have heard my voice inside
That whenever I speak there’s something in my heart driving me
I am a collection of powerful emotions, complicated feelings and expansive visions
When I say “I love you”, it’s forever
Even if we don’t stay in sync, that feeling never truly goes away from me
I have complex moments of vulnerability and become child-like
It is in these moments that hope grows in my soul
I write about them, compose songs about them and encourage others
I reach out and do the best that I can
Sometimes I am slow to act
Only because in life I tend to play Chess instead of Jenga
I find that I’m safer that way
It makes the path to happiness a bit more gratifying
I think about the future all of the time
But not at the expense of the present
Living removed from cliques, collectives, scenes and things
I feel better about life when I have the chance to be myself, think for myself and develop my own ideas
I like doing random acts of kindness
I like sleeping under alot of blankets
I’m a big baby deep down inside, I like toys, trinkets and tinkering
And when I like someone I develop a deep fondness for that person
And sometimes I like being randomly different, because I hate being predicted…


About the author

Barron Parker

Barron Parker has mastered 13 different instruments ranging from keyboards, bass, and percussion to exotic instruments from across the globe. In 1996 he founded Dream Citadel Productions and has produced numerous artists. He has released three critically acclaimed albums available on iTunes:“Passionately (2003), “Love Letters” (2004), “Love, Passion and Fury…I Am” (2009). He also has released two poetry books: “My Poetic Journey: The Early Years” (2007) and the companion book to the album “Love, Passion and Fury…I Am” (2009). He also has his own online radio show “The Dream Citadel Evolution Show” on where he interviews various artists. Contact the author.

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