The Update of George Ammar Business Blog Website is imminent     

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George Ammar, a respected Ohio business guru is in the process of updating his Business Blog Website. This improved version will be welcomed by many striving to succeed and make their way forward in business. It will be of significant benefit to a great many people but in particular the residents of Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding area.

Unexpected high levels of traffic on the blog than were envisaged have led to the update being implemented this year, instead of next which was the original plan. In fact, the blog has exceeded all expectations, and ranked number-one on the most popular and commonly used search engines thus Ammar has decided to release a new version which will be accessible from Nov. 15, 2018.

Many of the new and improved features in the new updated version have, in fact, come from suggestions made by readers over a period of time; thus when it is accessible in November it will include greater social media integration. For more detailed information on the new features be on the lookout for an announcement closer to Nov.15.

George Ammar is a busy individual, the founder of Ohio CFO, LLC, he is also a provider of part-time chief financial officer (CFO) services. Companies who have no permanent financial officers can have their CFO functions managed by George Ammar and his business team. They can carry out functions such as cash flow optimization, inventory cost management, internal controls analysis, as well as many, many others…

These functions and many other topics will be dealt with in depth on his updated website; Ammar explains that cash flow optimization is the most important issue for large or small companies and it is essential that this issue is addressed correctly to ensure the success of any company. The two most important features of a company’s cash flow being an efficient and uncomplicated system for bill payments and the ability to ensure that the process of collecting payments of equal efficiency.

Ammar is also of the opinion that inventory management is equally as important, no matter what the size of your company, as production quotas must be in alignment with both current as well as future demands in order to achieve a financially healthy company. Lastly, we come to internal controls analysis, which basically is the tracking of supplies; this is essential in controlling overspending and duplication of stock, which can be costly.

Ammar’s blog website seeks to assist readers in learning how to improve all aspects of their business’s operations, enabling them to go from strength to strength financially making significant progress in the future. So now you have the answer to all your business prayers at the click of a button. Whatever your problem is log in today and see what George Ammar can help your business with.