The Uncontested Divorce in the US

These days, the divorce process has turned into one of the most common events in the USA. For sure, it is a pity and a downward fact that is getting worse every day, but as we can do nothing with the current state, it is a solid idea to speak about the main characteristics of this procedure and exactly point out what the difference between the Uncontested Divorce and the Contested one is, what the price for both types of the divorce is, etc. We are ready to share with you such information, so let’s begin!

The Uncontested Divorce

Do you know for sure what is the Uncontested Divorce? We can undoubtedly acknowledge you that it is the most commonly-used type of the divorce procedure in the whole USA. Another name of the Uncontested Divorce is a No-Fault one. It means that the spouses willing to terminate their marriage are ready to settle all the matters by the peaceable agreement that will be suitable for each member of the family. The couple who is completely ready to perform their official marriage is eager to fulfill the procedure as cheap and fast as it can be.

The couple will not get the attorney in comparison with the Contested Divorce, when the spouses are entitled to hire the attorney to make their divorce more accurate and solve the main burning problems such as the alimony, the child custody, the division of the marital property, etc. In the USA, there are lots of the attorneys that will be glad to help the divorcing couples but only for the suitable price that cannot be relevant for everybody. The attorney is rather costly, according to the latest study.  As it is said, the middle price of the attorneys with an average experience that deal with the Contested Divorce is $600 per hour.

This sum can vary regarding the attorney’s reputation, references, etc. The Uncontested Divorce can also be really fast, as we have already stipulated above. The whole process may be done within 30-days term or even earlier if the spouses are really ready to do everything in the shortest term. The vast majority of the time, as usual, can be spent on the dealing with the documents for the divorce. To file for the divorce, the couple may use various types of the filing, for instance,the online divorce services that nowadays are extremely popular or the help of the attorney, even the Do-It-Yourself practice will be in hand for such a deal.

The difference between all these services is that the online divorce will be twice cheaper for you than the attorney’s help. The cost for such a service will be approximately $149 for the whole dealing with the documents. This type will give you the opportunity to get the divorce papers quickly and in a much better quality. The court will totally approve such papers.

The Do-It-Yourself method of the documents filling is rather dangerous. As you are not a professional lawyer, it can be a greatly complicated task that can cause several difficulties in the further proceeding. Any Family Court will never get the documents containing any mistakes or the remarks. You are rising too much for nothing, it is wiser to use a helper that you want. While you are having an Uncontested Divorce, you can omit the trial process or visiting the courtroom to get an agreement. You will have a perfect opportunity to also omit the cooling-off period, but in order to get the 100 percent accurate information regarding the current situation and your particular case, it is better to visit the official websites of your county and check the current information.

The filing fee in different states and counties can also vary. You had better clarify this information in your place of living as well. However, the residency requirements should also be met in order to have the Uncontested Divorce. Remember that they are crucial not only for the divorce but also for each issue of the life in the USA.

To sum it up, It is rather obvious that the Uncontested Divorce is the most preferred one in the USA, so to get it you should just have an agreement with your spouse and begin to act immediately. Good luck!