The Role of a General Contractor in New Home Construction

The process of having a new home built can be a bit scary and overwhelming. There are a lot of intricacies that come into play during this process and just about all of them are equally important. If one detail is missed then it could cause a dangerous and/or illegal outcome that no new homeowner wants to endure. If you are looking for a professional to take these issues on, then a general contractor is typically the way to go.

What a General Contractor Does During New Home Construction

There are many things that a general contractor does during the construction of a new home. They have a lot of responsibility and have to direct a massive number of subcontractors or subordinates. Here are a few things that a contractor must do in order to ensure that you new home is built to perfection.

  1. Hiring subcontractors: While some general contractors have every specialty in-house, most will have to subcontract other specialists like electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling professionals and the like.
  2. Pulling permits: There are many permits that will need to be pulled and approved before construction can begin. Your general contractor will know what permits are needed to keep you in compliance as well as safe. Some of those permits needed can include electrical wiring permit, fire safety permit, design permit, etc.
  3. Providing insurance: A general contractor will typically carry a substantial amount of insurance coverage for the construction of your new home. This will protect your property as well as the well being of the individuals working on the construction site.
  4. Single point of contact: Your general contractor will know what is going on during each phase of construction and you will be able to speak to one person or entity for updates as well as wanted changes.
  5. Provide equipment and materials: They will provide all of the trucks, nuts, bolts, wood, metal, etc.

Things a General Contractor Doesn’t Do

While there are many things that a general contractor can do there is one thing that they will not do. They will not work outside of their expertise. If they are not qualified to complete a job then they will subcontract it out to the appropriate specialist. If you are in search of a general contractor in Los Angeles then this is especially true as California does not look kindly upon individuals or companies completing work that they are not qualified to do.

Ensuring That Your General Contractor is Qualified

The best way to ensure that your contractor is qualified is to look up their license type online. The State of California keeps this updated and it will give you an initial glimpse of how qualified your chosen professional is. In addition, it will be advantageous for you to inquire of their specific experience and ask for examples of work that mirror your projects needs. The final move will be for you to check references and research reviews online. These steps will give you an overall picture of the trustworthiness as well as qualifications of your general contractor.