The Revival deserved better run with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

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It was not so long ago when The Revival defeated Big E and Xavier Woods of The New Day at WWE Clash of Champions PPV to become the new SmackDown tag team champions. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of the Revival took care of Big E by literally throwing him outside of the ring. After the Big man was no longer there to defend him, Woods was caught in a two-on-one disadvantageous situation against The Revival.

The Revival won the WWE SmackDown Tag team championship by delivering one of the most outrageous Shatter Machine to Woods and then forcing him to tap out. Some might find attacking Woods’ injured knee and getting him trapped into inverted figure-four leglock combined with constant taunting from Wilder a bit unethical and overboard but it did do the job of making Woods tap out. With this victory, The Revival became the first team to hold the NXT, Raw and SmackDown tag team titles.

But the third Tag team championship reign of Dawson and Wilder on the main roster didn’t last for long.

The New Day and The Revival are engaged in a feud for quite some time now. And as we know, The New Day is not one of those teams which could ingest such a humiliation. Big E and Woods not only fought but beat The Revival the following week. This is when things got interesting. Dawson and Wilder bounced back with a win over Heavy Machinery and forced their way into a title match against The New Day.

Randy Orton was also eyeing Kofi Kingston and the two had their own parallel storyline.  The Revival and Orton with their individual motives were too destructive a force for the New Day as they took out Big E and Woods out for a couple of weeks using a steel chair.

Coming back to the present, The New Day (represented by Big E and Kofi Kingston) are the current champions in their seventh reign. They defeated Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder on November 8, 2019 in Manchester, England on Friday Night SmackDown. And according to the latest WWE News, they are set to face a familiar foe. The Revival are rumored to get a rematch after losing to Kofi Kingston & Big E on last week’s SmackDown.

Last week we saw a completely different New Day as Kingston & Big E left recaptured the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in a thrilling victory over The Revival in Manchester, England. This was dedicated by the duo to their injured teammate, Xavier Woods. But as The New Day now head back to the states set to defend their newly regained championship gold once again against their rivals.

Will The Power of Positivity be able to defend their tag team title against the Revival, or will The Revival be able to snatch back their well-deserved titles. All will be clear on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown.

It has been a popular opinion lately that The Revival are more deserving candidates for the WWE Tag Team Championship. They were recently drafted into the WWE Main Roster in the 2019 WWE drafts. Also, frankly speaking, the Tag Team Championship had been with The Unicorns for far too long now. So long that it has become boring. Maybe the WWE should consider giving The Revival some more time with the Championship.