The Phenomenal Rise of X Li, the Famous Chinese Rapper

Now and again we’re graced by the opulent gifts talented artist has to offer. Whatever they’re capable of, we want to be in the know about their latest achievements. The life of any artist is not only lived individually, but by their copious followers. The recent addition of X Li to the Toronto rap music scene has sparked some interest in the artist’s life. For someone to come out of nowhere and release a few great singles isn’t something new, but X Li made a clear distinction from his very first release. He’s been around for some time now, and if you’re an avid music follower, then you would also want to know more of his rise to fame. Let’s take a closer look at who @Xli is:

X Li

From the Orient to the Great White North

Born in Taiyuan, China – Li found himself on the prominent side of society. It’s no surprise that someone who came out of nowhere had an uninterrupted supply of money. Although his parents are relatively wealthy, the rap star didn’t use it as his only claim to fame. During his teenage years, X Li or Xinyi Li known personally moved to Canada in the pursuit of building a better life. Soon after landing in Canada, X Li started enjoying the musical prominence of artists such as Kanye West, Nas, Wiz Khalifa, and 50 Cent. His music taste ranged from rap, hip-hop to rock music, showcasing an interest in music from a very young age.

Li di struggled to maintain a pleasant high school career in both China and Canada. Teachers found his rebellious attitude difficult to work with, and he soon found himself expelled from a couple of prestigious schools. He’s shared in previous interviews how schools and teachers were a confining moment in his life, as he struggled to express himself creatively.

The musical talents that is X Li

The hip-hop star is well-known for his moody and obscure music. His latest release ‘Wangleta’ plays on a deeper level of his strides to get where he is today. The English translation of the Mandarin word goes ‘forget about her’, a synopsis of moving through old problems and hardships. X Li has incorporated both his Asian heritage with that of Western rap music, delivering something that has coined him to be the first solo Chinese rapper in Northern America and Canada.

The likes of his pursuit of fame has become a testament of what it takes to finally reach your end goal. X Li shared tall tales on how the public backlashed at him for being a rich boy with too much money. It may seem tangible, but one can’t deny the indiscreet way his music has taken the industry. The artist has managed to rank in over 100, 000 views in the first week of the release of ‘Wangleta’. He’s resilient in his work, showing how one cannot let the past determine what your future will look like.

Some of his latest achievements

As already mentioned, the young artist has ranked in some high views and positive reviews. In May 2020 he released ‘Wangleta’, and a few months backdropped ‘In The Night’ and ‘Luxury Pain’. His colorful play on words and bilingual encouragement has become a guide to what he can do to achieve greater status. He’s made some headlines after the release of Wangleta, stating that he’ll be releasing his EP later on this year. The title, ‘Tiger’ is consciousness on his roots that stem for China, but also his rapid take on the music industry. He’s gained a lot of traction, keeping the fans constantly hooked with his ‘bad boy’ image and opaque lyrics. Many have found that his music can speak on a deeper level, and create a connection between being present within yourself, and in reality.

Another Canadian success story?

In a way, X Li is like many other high-flyers who immigrated to Canada – who were already successful in their field and then came to Canada as top talent. When you consider people like the Canadian football star Domic Dane as well as other musicians and footballers, Canada has a healthy appetite for talented people from abroad – who ultimately make it their new home.

The person behind the persona

Although X Li is advocating for a deeper connection in his music, his modest approach to music has meant that he can share a greater sense of well-being and positivity. X Li has shown that although your lines can be traced back to certain possessions, it’s how you use it to better yourself, industry and everyone in it. He’s been seen as an eccentric character, that plays cards to his chest – but it doesn’t de-humanize him. Finding ways to get to the top doesn’t go without a lot of disproval and judgment, and the clout he’s received from the Asian community in Toronto makes it clear why he’s finding ways to combine two cultures.

Although we’ve experienced more of his sensible music, the artist has given light to an unknown subculture yet to be explored by anyone. He’s a first for the Toronto music scene and a first in the world.