The Distinctive Beauty of a Silver Model Ship

Silver ship models have been coveted in many periods of history. A silver model ship was discovered in the tomb of Ahhotep and antique ships can be found dating to the 13th century and earlier. Premier Ship Models has partnered with Langfords, enabling them to provide commissions for a silver model ship made with UK sterling silver that is 92.5% pure for stunning silver models of any ship.

The history of model ships and motivation for making models varies in different times and places in history. In ancient times, models often served a religious purpose, which is the reason so many have been found in tombs and churches. Later, model ships were used in décor in the home, including scale ship models and silver ships carved in utensils and tableware.

The Exceptional Quality of Langfords Silver

Langfords is a London based, third generation family owned silver smith, which was established more than 80 years ago. Throughout their long history, Langfords has become known worldwide for silverware and bespoke pieces, including sterling silver model ship designs. They are well known as among the world’s finest silversmiths and for offering services that cover all aspects of buying, selling, and restoring silverware and silver models.

From the beginning, the family was devoted to providing high quality silver commissions. Sons Barry and Laurence took over the business from their father. Eventually, Barry went into show business and Laurence ran the family business, building it into one of the most respected and renowned silversmiths in the world. In the UK and many other countries, Langfords is considered the go-to place for anything crafted in silver.

Langfords is very well known for their animal and bird models. They offer a wide variety of intricate silver models of dogs, horses, stags, ducks, pheasants, pigs, and other animals from around the world. In addition, they create bespoke silver models of any object, including mechanical models and silver ship models in custom designs.

Custom Silver Models

Silver ship models continue to be popular among modern collectors. People have a natural fascination with ships. Other collectors are motivated by a love of a specific period in history, a particular military vessel, or another famous ship. Some want to commission a particular ship model because it has personal significance to them, such as a model of their own yacht or a cruise ship to commemorate a special holiday. Regardless of the reason, a silver model ship is a uniquely beautiful medium for crafting ship models.

Premier Ship Models offers wooden model ships for sale and handcrafted model ships in silver and other precious metals. Custom silver model ships can be created of any ship, including historical sailing ships, models of ships from movies and literature, modern yachts, and other vessels.

Tarnishing is often a concern that makes collectors hesitate to add a silver model to their collections. We use an exclusive anti-tarnish treatment that uses nanotechnology. When applied to silver ship models, this treatment helps prevent the silver from tarnishing.