The Advantages Of A Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is designed to offer full and exclusive access to all the system resources, controls, and privacy. Many organizations looking for speed, reliability, and improve security will often go for a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, you get to choose what kind of hardware and operating system you want for the server. You can thus choose between Linux server hosting and Windows dedicated server hosting, depending on the environment you are most comfortable with. Here are some of the reasons for and benefits of using dedicated servers.

1. Reliability

Dedicated servers are far more reliable when compared to shared servers. One of the reasons for this, is because your business will have full access to all the server resources, hence never have to share any with anyone.  These servers also make it easier to manage traffic and website performance without necessarily having to call a third party. The fact that you have full control of the server resources means you can handle everything from images, advertisements, and browser compatibility, among other factors that could affect website performance. A shared server, as the name suggests, means you get to share all the resources with other websites and businesses.

2. No Shared IP Address

With a dedicated server, you never have to worry about malicious activity from other websites. This is because your business is assigned to a unique IP address which is only connected to you, and no one else. This thus reduces the chances of getting blacklisted, or your website suffering low rankings simply because someone on your server isn’t performing that well.  The unique IP address can thus be used to identify with your business and even boost your reputation.

3. Improved Security

Online security is vital for both you and your clients. The only way you can be assured of improved security online is if you have a dedicated server to your business. The fact that the server isn’t shared means only authorized persons can run scripts on the server, which again protects everyone on the server.  It also makes your company compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and other requirements if you are to accept online payments.  You could also beef up security from the firewall settings without even worrying about website speeds and performance.

4. Hassle-free Maintenance

Almost all packages on dedicated windows servers offer 24-hour server support. This means your IT team will only need to check to see if the server is performing optimally and only carry out simple tasks such as managing server updates and ensuring the antivirus is up to date. With very little to do, the IT team can focus on delivering their best in designing and implementing any new policies on the server.

5. Ease Of Customization

As mentioned earlier, dedicated servers give you full control over the server environment.  This means you can tweak and customize the software, RAM, Disk Space, and CPU to suit your business needs. You can also easily switch between different operating systems and platforms in an attempt to improve performance.


A dedicated server provides all the perks you need to run an online business or website and compete with the ‘big’ boys in the industry.  You, however, need to evaluate what your business needs are before investing in a dedicated server.