The 4 Things No One Tells You About Switching to Vaping

Are you a smoker about to try vaping for the first time by purchasing a starter kit from a company like V2 Cigs UK? If you are, you’re about to discover that the actual experience of vaping may differ from your expectations in several significant ways. That’s not to say that companies in the vaping industry exaggerate the qualities of their products; there’s a reason why tens of millions of former smokers across the world are now full-time vapers. It’s just that some of us have been vaping for so long that we occasionally forget what those first few days of vaping were like. If you’re new to vaping, this article is here to enlighten you. We’re about to tell you the things no one tells you about switching to vaping – the things you can ordinarily only discover yourself through experience.

An E-Cigarette Will Never Taste Like a Real Cigarette

The e-cigarette that you buy will almost definitely have at least one tobacco-flavored cartridge or pod available – and if you’re like most smokers, that’s probably the flavor you’ll try first. Before you take your first puff, though, it’s important for you to understand that an e-cigarette will never taste like a real cigarette. When you smoke a cigarette, the tobacco itself is only contributing a small portion of the flavor. The majority of the flavor comes from the smoke, and there’s no way to convincingly mimic the flavor of tobacco smoke in a product that contains no tobacco and doesn’t burn. So, instead of trying to mimic the flavor of smoke, e-liquid makers try to capture some of the characteristic notes of tobacco. You’ll find tobacco e-liquids with various combinations of savory, sweet, nutty and grassy notes – but you won’t find one that tastes like real smoke.

But You Will Lose Your Taste for Tobacco Cigarettes Forever

Here’s the good news about the one flavor “shortcoming” of e-cigarettes: You don’t actually like the taste of cigarette smoke. Trust us on this. You might think you like the taste of smoke, but what’s actually happened is that you’ve trained yourself to tolerate it. If you stop smoking upon buying your first vape kit, your switch to vaping will go something like this.

  • You’ll decide, before you open your first e-cigarette starter kit, that you are truly committed to making this work. No matter what, you are definitely done smoking.
  • You’ll have your first puff from an e-cigarette, and your first thought will be, “I really don’t know if I can make this work.”
  • You’ll keep at it, and you’ll eventually decide that those tobacco cartridges are actually quite tolerable.
  • You’ll bum a cigarette from a friend at work one day in a moment of weakness.
  • You’ll retch and wonder how you could have ever liked such a vile thing.

When those events happen to you one day, remember that we predicted them right here! Actually, it’s just about universal that every new vaper experiences a moment of weakness and smokes a cigarette within a few weeks of making the switch. It’s also nearly universal that cigarettes taste absolutely horrible after you’re fully accustomed to vaping. So, never fear; your moment of weakness won’t become a permanent thing!

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors Are Rarely the Best Ones

As we mentioned above, it’s likely that you’ll gravitate toward tobacco or menthol flavors when you begin your switch to vaping. E-liquid flavors that attempt to mimic cigarettes, however, are rarely the best flavors. E-liquid companies use food-grade flavors made by the same companies that supply flavors to makers of candies, desserts, sodas, snacks and other foods. It’s possible, in other words, to make an e-liquid that tastes convincingly like just about any popular packaged food. Sweet flavors work particularly well in e-liquids. If you enjoy the flavors of treats like ice cream, soda, candies and baked goods, it’ll be a revelation to you when you discover how well an e-liquid can replicate those flavors. E-liquids taste so good that some people actually vape nicotine-free juices just to enjoy the way they taste. Puffing on an e-liquid that tastes like a blueberry doughnut may alleviate the desire to eat the real thing, and that’ll definitely be good for your waistline.

There are many vapers in the world who use tobacco e-liquids every day and have no desire to try anything else. For those people, vaping is nothing more than a replacement for smoking. It’s not a hobby, and it’s not an avenue for exploring other interesting flavors and flavor combinations. You may end up being that type of vaper as well, but you shouldn’t make that decision until you’ve tried some of the many delicious flavors that the e-liquid industry has to offer.

Tobacco Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes Require Different Puffing Techniques

The most important thing that you should know about e-cigarettes before beginning your switch to vaping is that e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes have almost nothing in common in terms of the way in which they work. When you smoke a cigarette, puffing more firmly draws more air through the cigarette’s tube, hastening the combustion. Taking short, hard puffs, in other words, causes a cigarette to produce more smoke. You might feel tempted to try the same technique when you want to get a little extra vapor out of your e-cigarette. When you vape, however, a harder puff won’t cause your device to produce more vapor.

As you may already know, an e-cigarette works by heating e-liquid until it vaporizes. It accomplishes that using a wound coil made from resistance wire. When electricity passes through the coil, the coil heats up. The temperature of the coil – not the firmness of your puff – is what determines the volume of vapor the coil produces. If you want to get more vapor out of your e-cigarette, you’ll need to increase its operating wattage. That’s not possible with most beginners’ e-cigarettes – you’ll need to buy a larger vape mod to enjoy wattage adjustments – but there is a way to get more vapor out of the device you already have. Take long, low puffs to get the most possible vapor out of your vaping setup.