Technical SEO in the Wild: Real-world Challenges

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According to Statista, Google accounts for nearly 70 percent of internet searches in Canada, although Yahoo and Bing are still sizable competitors. In order to reach local customers online, businesses here need strategic SEO in Mississauga citizens respond to and that concentrates on getting the business on the first page of search results.

“The leading search engines use “spiders” or “crawlers” to locate web pages for their algorithmic search results. They are searching for the most relevant content available, so it is imperative that your website is built around a focal point,” according to Ed Kent, the leading SEO agency in Toronto.

Technical SEO in the Real World

Technical SEO is a mixture of marketing and business skills mixed with technical coding and analytical capability. Even if web developers do everything right in the code, sometimes the search engines just don’t respond the way they should.  Here is a real-world example provided by an online technical SEO blogger.

Where the structured data markup is located impacts how Google handles it. Theoretically, it shouldn’t matter where the markup is and as long as the developer embeds it in raw HTML source code. In reality, the snippet should be planted the < head > section in order to obtain rich snippets in results pages (SERP). Google doesn’t make this obvious in its documentation.

The blogger recommends putting structured data markup in the < head > section to avoid ambiguous results.  As this example shows, technical SEO in the wild involves esoteric issues that it takes a dedicated professional to uncover and avoid. With each website having a lot of moving parts, it’s easy to make a change that impacts a company’s SERP ranking.


“The internet has become the most relied upon resource in history. Nearly 60 percent of all businesses worldwide are represented on the web. The goal for every business is to get its website on the first page of the organic listings when a user searches something relevant to its business,” according to the Ed Kent team.

Technical SEO analysis requires business and marketing savvy and the technical chops to execute a solution. From IP redirect issues to mysterious loss of domain authority following coding changes, it’s a good idea to have an experienced resource you can call for help.

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