Taylor Swift: ‘Look What You Made Me Eat!’

Taylor Swift (Eva Rinaldi via Flickr Creative Commons)

The biggest news in the music industry is the new release of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” single (already 183M views on Youtube!), released August 24th 2017, off her soon to be released ‘Reputation’ album. The video is rich with images and subtle messages especially targeted at other celebrities who have ridiculed and mocked her in the past. There are also subtle messages aimed at her previous boyfriends shown in scenes such as a background crew of male dancers all wearing “I love TS” tops.

What is very noticeable though is Taylor’s perfect never-changing body. She has somewhat of a “ballerina-figure”. She’s 5 foot 10 and could be mistaken for a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel. She has flawless skin that almost shines it’s so clear, gorgeous hair and sparkly eyes. The lady is obviously in tip top health. So what is her secret?

What does Taylor Swift Eat?

According to WebMD’s Taylor Swift’s Rules for Healthy Living, she states that during the week she tries to eat healthily which equates to salads, yogurt, and sandwiches. She also avoids sugary drinks and tries to keep it lighter. At the same time she describes her diet as eating what’s good for her and using common sense. Of course she is human and admits that she loves eating burger and fries, adores ice cream and her absolute favorite is baked goods.

She rewards herself daily with Starbucks opting for skinny vanilla lattes during the week and spiced pumpkin lattes on weekends. She states that she never cuts out what she loves. This is reminiscent of Kylie Minogue back in the day stating that she ate some dark chocolate every day.

Since Taylor is constantly busy, whether recording new singles or travelling around the world, performing at sold-out arenas, she states that being healthy directly attributes to her level of happiness and success.

With her busy schedule she makes sure to reward herself. With all the hard work she puts into her life, including her exercise regime, she takes off one or two days a week where she doesn’t exercise and eats freely.

She also doesn’t beat herself up about eating badly or not working out. Instead of negatively internalizing and putting herself down she rather looks at positive adjustments that can benefit her health.

Drink, drink and drink! Water that is. Taylor is said to always carry a bottle of water with her. According to Everyday Health, drinking water has a multitude of benefits. Supermodel Kendall Jenner swears by it as do a ton of celebrities. It protects your tissues, joints and spinal cord. It helps remove waste from your body. It aids in digestion and very importantly, prevents you from becoming dehydrated.

She also allows herself to listen to certain music that she loves only during workouts. She is very disciplined in this way. She also states that she runs for exercise as it is the only kind of exercise she likes. She equates listening to great music with her running regime and that’s a really clever way at looking at workouts.

She doesn’t allow her anxieties to overburden her but rather experiences it, gets herself out of it and directs that energy into something creative. That sounds a whole lot better than taking it out on a tube of Pringles!

In Conclusion

So, why not try incorporating these philosophies into your diet and lifestyle regime. Up your water consumption, keep chocolate and “junk” food for weekends and start taking morning walks. As far as her porcelain skin is concerned, water is definitely key to achieving a clear complexion as well as other helpful extras such as phytoceramides which are essentially a tool to turn back the clock on aging. This natural ceramide, apparently, provides key elements to boost complexion and smooth fine lines. If this interests you, make sure you choose a good product such Research Verified 100% Pure Phytoceramides. For a research verified review click here.

In a world which contains a plethora of musical talent it sure is nice to have such a positive role model as Taylor Swift. Let’s all look forward to her new album which drops November 10, 2017!










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