Supporting local solar helps you save on your utility bills

To the Editor:

Summer is here and for most of the country that has meant heat waves and higher electric bills. Hotter weather means air conditioning for many people. When everyone cranks-up the air conditioning, overall energy usage rises; driving up the price of electricity. And, as you probably have noticed, higher prices and greater use have a predictable result: steep summer utility bills. With summer in full swing, now is the time to look for ways to save on your energy bills. If you haven’t yet heard about community solar, it’s time to check it out. Community solar offers a great, new way to save on your annual electricity bill while supporting local solar. Rather than buying dirty, expensive summer energy, instead you can opt to support community solar and save up to 10% on your annual utility bills. The number of spots is limited, so consumers would do well to get on waitlist early for a better chance at the money-saving benefits. When you sign up for community solar, you help create local jobs, encourage renewable energy growth, and promote clean air in your community – all while lowering your high summer utility bills.

Kate Colarulli, Retention Marketing & Public Relations

Maryland CleanChoice Energy

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