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Studying the Stars: How Does Astrology Work?

Some depend on astrology and their zodiac signs as a form of fortune-telling, but how does astrology work? Find out what you should know about astrology here.

Some depend on astrology and their zodiac signs as a form of fortune-telling. Some have even gone as far as doing business and marrying based on their zodiac signs.

But how does astrology work?

Below is all you should know about astrology

How Does Astrology Work?

In ancient cultures, people used weather patterns to predict seasons. The positions of the sun, the direction of the wind, and even the shape of the moon. There was no knowledge of astrological phenomena.

Eclipses and the revolving of the celestial bodies indicated predictable events. Thus, as scientists began to research on how astrology works, astrology was birthed.

Ask Astrologyis anchored on the understanding of how astronomical objects influence the environment. Astrology is the belief that the position of celestial objects affects people’s personality, mood, and happenings in the natural environment.

With this understanding, astrology cuts across many aspects of the universe. First, the patterns in the world which associate with events. The historical events associated with the patterns.

The interpretation and the resulting relationships based on natural instincts. These facets make astrology quite complicated.

This interplay of the four elements makes the prediction of events difficult. This is due to the increased chances and a high degree of uncertainty. Astrological studies explain how human beings attune to the universe.

Due to this complexity, astrology is divided into three to three. These subdivisions are; mundane astrology, interrogatory astrology, and natal astrology.

Mundane astrology examines world events predicting wars, natural and economic changes. Interrogatory astrology focuses on predicting events for specific subjects.

Natal astrology is the most common type. This branch of astrology forecasts uses birth-dates to forecast one’s lifetime events.

Zodiac Signs

When people refer to zodiac signs, they are referring to the time when they are most lucky associating it with their time of birth. This perception is not too far from the factual basis of zodiac signs.

But how does astrology relate to zodiac signs? Astrology is the umbrella for patterns across the signs for all astronomical bodies.

Zodiac signs emanate from the position of the sun. The sun is the largest star in the sky. It still falls under astronomical bodies.

Therefore, when referring to zodiac signs, the cosmic position of the sun at the time of birth is key.

There are 12 zodiac signs derived from dividing the 360 degrees of the earth into 30 degrees. Zodiac signs are thus sun signs.

Both zodiac signs and astrology use cosmic position to predict personality traits and general behavior. Zodiac signs are indicative juts like astrological patterns.


For easier understanding, horoscopes can are viewed as birth charts.

The term horoscope is a combination of two words; ‘horo’ and ‘scope.’ Horo is a phrase meaning time while scope means see. Time in this context is the exact time of birth, the month and day.

This relates to how planets and astronomical bodies align with each other in the universe. Unlike zodiac signs, horoscope charts make use of all celestial bodies in the sky.

Horoscope signs are complete predictive charts that describe human traits, motivations, and predictions. This prediction relies on people’s creativity to interpret astrological signs. This means the predictions are subject to human error.

Between astrology, zodiac signs and horoscopes, the latter are the most complicated. Horoscopes are unique due to two reasons. They are calculated in a point in time with relation to the delineation of planetary bodies.

They are personal like fingerprints. For this reason, people misconceive horoscopes as indicators of their fate. Inferences are drawn from celestial positioning and instinctive predictions involved in creating horoscope charts.

Are Zodiac Signs and Horoscopes True?

This is a common question that comes up from the daily astrological predictions. There is a lack of scientific evidence to prove that astrological signs are the cause of certain behaviors or personality traits.

There is no correlation between the position of planetary bodies and events on earth. Astrological predictions rely on coincidental occurrences and natural occurrences.

What happens in the world cannot be linked to astrological situations at that particular time.

Believers of horoscopes justify their arguments with the power of believing. The placebo effect has explained how believing in horoscope charts can change moods.

When one reads and believes that they are set to have good things and luck, their spirit gets uplifted.

The same applies to people that track horoscope predictions on print media. Lack of proven correlation between mood and the zodiac sign suggests that this is psychological.

The belief in horoscope predictions is what affects one’s mood. A classic example to illustrate this is that of how exercises enhance a happy mood.

Scientific research finds that exercise boos the production of dopamine, the feel-good hormone. There is no such evidence for horoscopes and zodiac signs.

As such, horoscopes do not have the power to make people happy.

The belief in horoscopes changes how people feel. Thus, horoscopes can be right or wrong. This depends on how one uses the information to predict something.

For those that believe that horoscopes bring them luck, it is largely the belief that works for them. There is not enough information to prove if they are right or wrong.

There is no solid proof that the horoscopes are right. But believing in the horoscope charts can have an immense impact on how one feels.

Wrapping It Up

Given this analysis, how does astrology work?

Astrology comes out as a mix of science, math, and intuition. Its apparent effect on the human environment can only be explained on these three levels.

Intuition is, however, the main undoing of astrology. Science lacks enough evidence to prove that zodiac signs affect personalities.

Nonetheless, everyone belongs to an astrological sign. The difference arises from those that believe and those that are skeptical. It is interesting to learn that the universe, to an extent, may affect our moods.

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